October 18, 2021

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U.S. scientists announce that particle research could reveal new rules of physics

Photo: Reader Hahn / Fermilab / US Department of Energy

The first results of an experiment conducted in the laboratory of the US Department of Energy showed that the particles function in a way that has never been predicted by scientific theories., Announced the Federal Laboratory Fermilab on Wednesday (7).

“This aquatic result, made with unprecedented precision, confirms a paradox that researchers have been consuming for decades.” Says a note from Fermilab.

Research has identified basic particles mons Behaving unpredictably by the standard model of particle physics.

Mounds are their ‘relatives’, 200 times the mass of electrons. They occur naturally when cosmic rays strike the Earth’s atmosphere, and particle accelerators can produce a large number of muons. Like electrons, they act like a small inner magnet.

Tests showed that mons “Reacted to something that was not in our best theory”, Said Renee Bathemi, a physicist at the University of Kentucky and manager of experimental simulations.

“Strong evidence that mions deviate from calculations under the standard model represents a marvel. New Physics“, Fermilab added.

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