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Ubisoft asks Assassin’s Creed players for their opinion on the series and requests suggestions for changes

Ubisoft asks Assassin's Creed players for their opinion on the series and requests suggestions for changes
June 21, 2021, 4:00 pm

Ubisoft has prepared a survey for fans of the Assassin’s Creed series. It raises questions about, among other things, whether the series is worth recommending and what changes might appear in its later editions.


  1. Ubisoft has prepared an official survey about the series Doctrine killer.
  2. The French ask, among other things, how willing you are to recommend games from this series to your friends and what can be added in future productions to make them better in your eyes.

Syria Assassin’s Creed He’s been with us for nearly fourteen years. During this time, it had 23 titles smaller or larger (not counting the converters) and so far there are no indications that it will be out soon. As befits such a long course, it features ardent fans and die-hard opponents. No matter which group you belong to, you can participate in the official survey Doctrine killer, prepared by Ubisoft. You will find a link to it below. You will be able to complete it by June 25th.

  1. Doctrine killer ?? community survey
Ubisoft asks Assassins Creed players for their opinion on the series and requests suggestions for changes - Illustration #1

Ubisoft wants to know what players think.

The opinion poll discussed consists of five questions. The first is pretty standard. Ubisoft Want to Know So What? Our friends play games from the series Doctrine killerOn which platforms do we like to play in these productions and to what extent, on a scale of one to ten, would we recommend this series to whom? else. Later, however, the survey became more interesting. As part of the last two questions, you can specify changes to be made to new games signed with the popular brand and items missing in our opinion from other places.

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Unfortunately, we don’t know to what extent the community’s answers to the questions asked in the survey will actually affect the shape of the upcoming editions of the series. Doctrine killer. However, since it is set up, there is a chance to implement some of the players’ ideas.

We remind you that so far the last part of the series Doctrine killer he is Valhalla. I stayed very warm Received both commercial media and some players. Recently, this title received a new update as 1.2.2. As part of it, he received, among other things, new challenges. More details about this can be found at this place.

  1. Assassin’s Creed Series Official Site

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