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Ubisoft – Employees support Activision Blizzard protest and complain about their own management

Ubisoft - Employees support Activision Blizzard protest and complain about their own management
July 29, 2021, 10:35

Activision Blizzard employees’ protest was widely publicized. The action was also supported by developers from Ubisoft, who complained about the employer’s actions in connection with the 2020 scandal and called for rules to be established over reports of discrimination in the gaming industry.

The most important information:

  1. About 500 Ubisoft employees signed an open letter supporting a protest at Activision Blizzard;
  2. The document’s authors also expressed their conviction that the Ubisoft Board of Directors did not take sufficient action to address discrimination in the company after the 2020 scandal;
  3. The authors also suppose that a discussion has been organized among major publishers, with the participation of rank and file personnel, in order to establish rules of procedure in the case of reports of discrimination in the gaming industry.

Not only does Activision Blizzard do it spore problems with regard to the allegations Around ?? Let’s call it Improper treatment of employees. Ubisoft also has to deal with a wave of discontent. Nearly 500 people from the French publisher’s 32 studios signed an open letter expressing support for colleagues’ protest from Activision Blizzard, but the employer has also come under fire. The document was shared on the web by Stephen TotiloJournalist AxiosAlthough the signers also called others Editorial offices.

  1. Bobby Kotik responds to employee frustration; Changes are coming to Activision Blizzard

Apart from the appeal against Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft employees criticize management over the actions?? Or rather, the absence of these?? After last year’s scandal. Then there were accusations against the publisher for whom abandoned First of all, criminal discrimination against women. In the end Yves Guillemot I apologize to scandal. The problem is that it clearly did not translate into specific actions. The authors of the open letter claim that Ubisoft has only fired the main perpetrators, and allowed the rest to quit their jobs or? worse?? He promoted them or transferred them to other teams without facing any consequences. The truth is that even with Ashraf Ismail?? Once ?? creative director Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla ?? At first, only father. voluntary departure. Only two months later, Ubisoft, after an internal investigation, decided to do so He was fired from his job.

The protesting employees also claim that they have not noticed any major changes in the company’s functioning, despite formal procedures such as appointing new board members to be responsible for diversity-related initiatives. And the prevention of harassment and bullying in the publisher’s studies. Therefore, the letter’s authors urge Ubisoft, Activision Blizzard and other major publishers to jointly develop “rules that govern the handling of reports of such crimes.” And they stress that such a meeting cannot be limited to corporate management only?? The key is to participate in discussions of ranks and employees who do not hold any important positions in the company.

Allegations of inappropriate treatment of employees Not necessarily racist or sexist?? They’ve been in the industry for many years, albeit sometimes One can doubt in terms of its legality. It is likely that more developers will soon join the initiative of Ubisoft and Activision Blizzard employees.

  1. Ubisoft official website

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