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Ubisoft Signed Out of 2022 – Skull and Bones Waiting for Bold Decisions?

Ubisoft Signed Out of 2022 - Skull and Bones Waiting for Bold Decisions?
July 25, 2022, 4:30 pm

Recent days have been surprising reports from Ubisoft, that someone has done a complete cleanup of the list of active projects and scheduled premieres. Is this the beginning of huge changes in the publishing policy of the French giant?

At the end of June we were preparing to spend this winter in the beautiful locations of Pandora, in the open world of the ubisoft version of the movie symbol picture. This was the result of reliable leaks, As common sense suggested it It would be a sin not to use the December premiere of James Cameron’s mass-produced sequel to bring this game to market.. But we know today that this will not happen. We are not dealing here with a simple delay of a month or two – The first show has been postponed Only for the following fiscal year. Therefore, this title may appear in April 2023 at the earliest, or even a year later.

What is more, This is not the only decision The Ubisoft we’ve been hearing about in recent days. Most likely, the premiere of the unannounced game from the universe has also been delayed Doctrine killerwho will be called crackAnd four other projects have been completely deleted. I’m talking about the VR version splinter cellbattle royale Ghost Recon: The Front Lines And two unknown positions. A little earlier, we also learned The terrible case of the new version of Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands – The developer has changed recently and it is likely that you will start the whole game from scratch.

Ubisoft like Apple in 1997?

It looks a bit like Finally someone took a very critical look at the business being created and took a very brave stepBy removing titles, which are likely to be doomed to fail, and giving rest time to revise or make specific changes. It reminds us a bit of Steve Jobs’ 1997 return to failed Apple, when the new CEO immediately ended up with too many sloppy “beige” computers to focus on a few revolutionary, premium products. Perhaps the same is happening at Ubisoft now.

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Ubisoft Signed Out of 2022 - Skull and Bones Waiting for Bold Decisions?  Illustration #1

The problem is that it was because of this action 2022 seems a bit flimsy for such a publisher – “Anemia” is like this Journalist Jason Schreyer said:. Two years ago we arrived, among other things AC: Valhallaa year ago Far Cray 6, without counting some minor elements. Released this year in January Rainbow Six: Extract We are waiting for the new version Mario + Rapids and the network skull and bones, Who would probably just come to get rid of this burden after so many years of establishment. None of these games seem to be eagerly anticipated, regardless of the final quality. Around R6: extraction It was completely quiet for a long time – I can’t hear new content or seasons, Rapids It will only come out on Switch, a skull bones It seems, at the moment, to be as great a mystery as inspiring as much hope as fear.

The end of the open world ubiszablonu games

We can only speculate that this was due to several factors. Ubisoft may have hit a wall in creating identical open-world games, according to ‘ubisoft’Because there have been too many of these clones in recent years. It is enough to recall the identical plot with the mechanics of conquering the territory and the small leader and repeat this pattern several times until the final battle with the main opponent. we saw it The Division, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ghost Reconie: Wildlands And the Far Cryo 5. Plus, they were stuck all over the place without thinking, even Crew 2loot shooter mechanics and get better and better equipment, which you haven’t fully worked out in FC: New Dawn if breakpoint.

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Ubisoft Signed Out of 2022 - Skull and Bones Waiting for Bold Decisions?  Illustration No. 2

According to recent rumours It was the poor gameplay that prevented the game from premiering Avatar: Pandora’s Border. Let’s stress – production with an open world on the well-known SnowDrop engine from to divide. So, if you think that Leaks and Ubisoft are really unhappy with the gameplay in its new open world, practically specializing in open worlds, then I hope he really wants to look for something new and attractive instead of doing something with the old model again. The only question is: can this be done at such an advanced stage of work?

People change after a scandal

It also looks like a big purge in upcoming Ubisoft titles was in the aftermath The scandal that broke out in 2020. We remind you that as a result of revealing all kinds of mediocre and unethical behavior, the shameful habits of senior managers Many key people lost their positions. Perhaps the most important here is the character of Serge Hasscott, a real gray figure in the company He is supposed to have absolute power over all the brands In short, he approved or rejected the project.

The dismissal of him and a few other celebrities sooner or later had an effect on what future Ubisoft games would look like and We may see the emergence of a new system now. The French had already given up on the unoriginal thing HyperscapeIt has now been coldly deleted front linesAlthough they might still be trying, for some reason, to save someone who is not equally convincing XDefianta. One can only guess how the rest of these projects were liquidated, which were never announced.

Ubisoft Signed Out of 2022 - Skull and Bones Waiting for Bold Decisions?  Illustration No. 3

In addition to the open world template Ubisoft’s little problem remains the apparent obsession with creating its own battle royale. Everyone would like to have them fortnite if Apex: LegendsIt is an addictive game that allows you to develop additional content with minimal effort and investment. Here it hasn’t worked yet. About the wonderful and very atmospheric gameplay in Division: survival He just forgot to copy other people’s thoughts, adding to them a general setting. It probably took a lot of time and resources that could be spent on a new version of a particularly anticipated brand, for example splinter cell.

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It has to be worse until you get better after that

In light of the above The question remains, what will Ubisoft show in the big presentation announced at the upcoming GamescomAs the future of the brand Doctrine killer It will be revealed separately – in September. maybe we’ll see Mario + Rapids: Sparks of Hope And new materials from skull and bonesBut what next? Shall we find out what attractions are planned Avatar: Pandora’s BorderDoes it require such a postponement of the first show? About new information about endless emerging Beyond Good and Evil 2 I think there is nothing to dream about. However, Ubi can surprise us with certain materials from the game originating in the universe star Wars Or announcing a new project – perhaps with a brand that has not been seen for a long time? There really is a lot to choose from

Perhaps 2022 will go without the big Ubisoft title, which could compete in the poll for Game of the Year. In part, it’s a good strategic decision not to add anything while we’re playing Harry Potter’s world set. Hogwarts Legacyin God of War: Ragnaroksequel Plague taleAnd the Bayonetta 3 And the modern war 2constantly reminding Elden Rinja And the Straya. And the If such a break is to bring back the good old Ubisoft with a bolder and more diverse list of polished titles, it will definitely be worth waiting patiently.

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