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UEFA Champions League Qualifiers: Results and Relationships. PSV Eindhoven – Benfica, Ferencvarusi – Young Boys, Odugurek – Malmö

UEFA Champions League Qualifiers: Results and Relationships.  PSV Eindhoven - Benfica, Ferencvarusi - Young Boys, Odugurek - Malmö

  • In the match between Benfica and PSV Eindhoven, the Portuguese played within an hour of ten, and the rise was mainly due to the amazing goalkeeper Odysseus Flashodemos.
  • The match between Ferencvarusi and BSC Young Boys ended with a score of 2:3, just as in the first match. The Hungarians and the Swiss scored ten goals for 180 minutes and showed that their offensive effort should be reckoned with by their European rivals.
  • Malmo lost to Odogork Razgrad 1:2. The Swedes defended their promotion to the Champions League in the final minutes, when the impetuous Bulgarians ran out of power.
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PSV at sea, goalkeeper Benfica champion

Undoubtedly, Tuesday’s match was the one in which Eindhoven faced Benfica. After all, we are talking about two teams that already have the most valuable European Cup in their showcases. The Dutch won the match in 1988, having defeated the Portuguese in the final. They celebrated their victories in 1961 and 1962; At first with the legendary Jose Aguas, and a year later with the help of Eusebio.

Today, both clubs are vying for their return to the throne in their local backyard. However, one can risk the hypothesis that both teams place in the Champions League, and therefore it can be assumed that the players will not need an additional incentive. It was confirmed in the first minutes – no one will leave.

Benfica won at Stade da Luz thanks to goalkeeper Odysseus Flashodemos. The representative of Greece doubled and tripled and admitted that he gave one goal, but his teammates scored two goals and the Eagles can go to Eindhoven with a lead. The goalkeeper confirmed his class in the first half of the rematch, as he was not only the best player in his team, but also the only one who could be distinguished favorably.

Lucas Verissimo deserves the negative. The Brazilian in the eighth minute tried hard to correct his mistake, and after 24 minutes he hit Cody Gakbo in the face. He could have seen the second yellow card earlier, but in the end he left the team with the jackpot for an hour’s play.

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PSV led the match, with Gakbo and Noni Madueki making the most on the pitch. The wings were driving the movement into the opponent’s penalty area every now and then, but there was no end. Apart from a great chance for Rafa, the Benfica players in the first batch should be considered as additions. However, the result gave them promotion to the Champions League.

The Dutch rushed to attack. The Portuguese decided to defend themselves at all costs, but had it not been for Flashodemos, they would have lost the match. Born in Germany, the goalkeeper defended as if in trance, and could share some of his other teammates with his interventions.

In the 62nd minute he should give up. Eren Zahavi, instead of aiming the ball at an empty target, sent a bomb against the crossbar. The Israeli had very good balls in his leg several times, and in extra time he also came close to a free kick from about 20 metres. He missed it, like he missed the first meeting. An attacker can hold a great grudge against himself. As a sniper and the most experienced offensive player on the team, he could and should have spent at least extra time, but it was his ineffectiveness, combined with the superb attitude of his rivals’ goalkeeper, that led to the goalless draw.

Benfica progressed to the Champions League, and PSV Eindhoven will have to content themselves with playing in the European League. The Dutch held all their cards in their hands for an hour, but could not put them on the table and bid farewell to their dreams of returning to the elite after two years of separation.

Einhoven Einhoven-Benfica 0:0 (0:0)

Ten goals in total and to promote the candidates

Of the three pairs that played today’s rematch, Ferencvarusi and BSC Young Boys players provided the most excitement for the fans. The match in Bern ended with the hosts winning 3-2, and apart from five goals we saw among others, a red card for the Swiss and a Hungarian penalty miss.

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The latter in the house wanted to fight for a better settlement, but they were not the favorites in the confrontation with the most popular rivals. In the fifth minute of the match, David Wanger’s players scored a goal after a corner kick from Cedric Zeisiger. The stopwatch hit the head so hard and so accurately, Dennis Debusses had nothing to say.

When Ferencvarusi’s situation seemed difficult, the Hungarians responded in the best possible way. Only 13 minutes later, Henry Wingo equalized. The American hit the ball for an empty goal after the intervention of a checker from the goalkeeper, and it was all good done by Ryan Mammy. The Belgian succeeded in achieving justice himself in the 28th minute, hitting the net after a corner kick and leading the team to the lead.

In the second half, it was the Swiss who attacked. Eleven minutes after the start whistle, their attempts paid off – Christian Vasnacht just had to add his leg and then thank him Mishak Ilya, who served the 28-year-old well. To make matters worse for Hungary, for the next eight minutes, Issa Lidoni had no electricity. The Tunisian committed two offenses without thinking about his actions and the referee sent him off the field.

Five minutes passed and the good card seemed to be away from the hosts forever. Wingo, who scored the first goal, could not stand the pressure in the penalty area, and the referee awarded the Wagner players a penalty kick. However, Dibusz was not fooled by Jordan Siebacheu and the scoreboard was still 2:2. It promised to be a great finish.

There was more fighting in this than pretty action, but in the end the Swiss had the final say. 20-year-old Felix Mbebe appeared on the field in the 85th minute to avoid giving the goalkeeper a chance in one of the last action of the match and to set the score at 2:3. Young Boys and Ferencvarusi once again put the fans in a superb display and scored five goals. Berne players advanced to the Champions League, Budapest players will try to mix things up in the Europa League.

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Ferencvarosi – BSC Young Boys 2:3 (2:1)

The Bulgarians fought to the end and won, but that wasn’t enough

In the first match between Malmö and Odogork Razgrad, it was the Swedes who led the match and controlled the course of events on the field. Their 2-0 win was convincing and could have been even higher. It didn’t mean anything good for the Bulgarians, but in the end they played at home and could count on help from the stands.

The hosts took the lead in the tenth minute thanks to Anton Nedyalkov. The Scandinavians dominated the meeting, but they lacked details. Fortunately, they scored a goal in the dressing room – in the 42nd minute Viljko Permancevic sent a free kick from close range and Christian Kalina had to surrender. The Serbian also found himself in the goalkeeper’s net in the first match.

In the second part of the match, the hosts took the lead and minute by minute it looked more and more like they were going to take the lead. She was successful in the 61st minute with great help Antonio Colaca. The 27-year-old played the ball into the penalty area with his hand and although referee Clement Turpin initially abandoned the match, he returned to this situation and thanks to the VAR system awarded a penalty to the Bulgarians. Veteran Pierros Sotirio cheated on Johan Dahlin and the Razgrad players took the lead. They needed another goal.

However, they failed to obtain it. The Malmoe players won with experience, they also had more power and eventually ran the field events. The Swedish national team lost 1:2, but a 2-0 win at home gave them promotion to the Champions League after a five-year hiatus.

Udugurik Razgrad – Malmo 2:1 (1:1)

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