July 28, 2021

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UEFA will support the LGBT community in the Euro 2020 final

UEFA will support the LGBT community in the Euro 2020 final

The final will take place on Sunday 11 July in Wembley, London euro 2020. Italy national team He will face England. The meeting promises to be very interesting, because it is difficult to decide on the favorite in it. But the English are under more pressure, as they build on their first success at a major tournament in 55 years. In addition, the majority of the 70,000 spectators in the stadium will support them, because due to restrictions, Italian fans will not appear at the match. Only Italians living in the UK or who have been quarantined will be accepted.

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‘The English could not stand the pressure for years’

UEFA will support the LGBT community in the Euro 2020 final. “Tiny Football Car” in rainbow colors

during Euro 2020 There have been many gestures promoting tolerance and support for LGBT communities. It was the sponsors who displayed rainbow-colored advertisements on the stadium banners. The scandal that broke out before the group’s meeting between Germany and Hungary also echoed. then it UEFA He banned the lighting of the Allianz Arena in rainbow colors, because there was supposed to be no room for political incitement at the European Championships.

‘Surprise’ squads for Euro 2020 final. Big blob from ‘The Times’

But this time, the EU allowed another gesture to promote tolerance. During the last meeting Euro 2020 The “mini football car” that will initially deliver the ball to the referee will have the colors of the rainbow. This was reported by the Volskwagen brand on its social media. – I’m very excited about the final on Sunday, especially since I tried on my new suit. Do you like it? – Written under the colorful “Tiny Football Car” picture.

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Twitter screenThe Italians set off for the final, but forgot one of the passengers. There is a problem here [WIDEO]

Express your football feelings on a huge screen in Warsaw

The euro is over for Poland, but not for the Polish masses. Follow MuralWrite who you support, rate matches and predict favorites until the final, we will select the best from the logos sent every day and put them on the largest LED screen in Warsaw at Unii Lubelskiej Square and on the website Mural. Attention! We update the screen daily and can’t wait to see what he comes up with.