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UFC 281: Carolina Kowalkiewicz defeated Silvana Gomez Juarez by unanimous decision!

ufc 281 kowalkiewicz karolina

Carolina Kolkewicz beat with Silvana Gomez Juarez At today’s party UFC 281 in New York. The Polish woman achieved a unanimous victory and added her second straight win to her record.

Kowalkiewicz pressed from the start of the fight, but Silvana was actively working with direct hits. Less than a minute after the engagement, the action moved to the ground floor, and Carolina immediately fell behind her back. The Polish woman strapped the triangle with her legs to the thighs of her competitor and began working on the choke. Gomez Juarez intercepted Carolina’s hand, making it difficult for her to take advantage of her dominant position on the ground. The Argentinian woman was slowly getting back on her feet, but Kowalkiewicz was still tied behind her back. Finally Silvana sat on the carpet again. Kowalkiewicz dealt strikes and kept the lead on the ground floor. Shortly before the end of the tour, Gomez Juarez ran off to stand.

The pole lunged forward in a standing position, and it was she who set the pace in this duel. Gomez Juarez tried to counteract with boxing techniques, attacking Koalkiewicz. At the beginning of the second edition, none of the players gained a clear advantage in the standing position. The Argentine hit Carolina with a strong right hook. Both ladies were energetic and exchanged more and more strokes. Kowalkiewicz applied pressure, but many of her hits didn’t hit the target. Gomez Juarez was actively working on her legs and Carolina scored with boxing groups.

In the first seconds of the last round, the players began an open rally. Gomez Juarez dragged Carolina into a stand-up fight, which worked for Argentina. Kowalkiewicz continued to move forward boldly. Silvana began mixing attacks to the head and body more often. Three minutes into that release, the important hit stat was on Carolina’s side. Kowalkiewicz finally hit with an accurate hit, after which the Argentine landed on the boards. Carolina was looking for a buckle on her back, but Gomez Juarez was soon back on her feet. Carolina dealt a series of blows and it was she who best emphasized the end of the duel.

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After three rounds of fighting, the verdict was announced. Bruce Buffer was already preparing to announce the judges’ decision, but the whole situation was unexpectedly prolonged. There was a counting error, one of the committee members got into the appraiser and the scorecards had to be rewritten. In the end, a Polish woman’s hand rose, and she won unanimously.

52.2 kg: Carolina Kolkewicz Field Silvana Gomez Juarez by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC 281 full results

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