October 19, 2021

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UK: Protests and a serious motorway accident

UK: Protests and a serious motorway accident

Activists from Insulate Britain, associated with the Extinction Rebellion, on Wednesday – for the second time this week – closed the London Bypass, Britain’s busiest motorway, by landing at three places on the route. Some of them even stuck to the asphalt.

The protest, attended by 89 activists, caused major traffic jams on Wednesday morning. Most likely, it was also the cause of a serious accident in the southwestern part of the belt. Four cars collided, and one of the injured, a 50-year-old woman, was taken to hospital by helicopter in serious condition. Although the police maintained that it was too early to determine whether the protest was the cause of the accident, witnesses cited by the media do not dispute this.

Insulate Britain is asking the British government to make binding pledges to insulate the country’s 29 million homes.

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