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UK: Rail strike is inevitable. It will be the oldest in 30 years

UK: Rail strike is inevitable.  It will be the oldest in 30 years

In the face of such an aggressive agenda — cuts to hiring, working conditions, wages and pensions — RMT has no choice but to advocate for our members at scale and halt the race, he said. Mick Lynch, RMT Secretary General, Union of Railroad, Marine and Transport Workers.

This means that Tuesday’s strike will start again 40 thousand employees of almost all rail transport companies in the UK. The strike itself is planned for three days – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but unrest will also be felt in the days after those mentioned, calling on carriers to fly until Sunday only if necessary.

It will be served during the strike period 4,500 railways per day, compared to more than 20,000 railways per day, But changing schedules will apply – trains will start running later than usual and finish earlier. In addition, on Tuesday, London Underground workers will join the 24-hour strike, which means that on that day we should expect a transport paralysis in the British capital.

The hit is the result wage dispute i working conditions. RMT is demanding a 7% wage increase, which would still be less than inflation, but more than what employers are offering. Lynch said recent offers from rail operator Network Rail and private rail operators have been rejected. But indirectly The government also blamed the strike, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is demanding billions of pounds to be cut to fund public transport, and the government is trying to push for thousands of jobs to be slashed. Lynch argues: “The fingerprints of Grant Shapps and (Finance Secretary) Rishi Sunak’s DNA are everywhere in the railroad problems.”

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Shapps, in turn, says unions in the rail industry are preventing the industry from updating “old work practices” such as Sunday volunteering. He also questioned the union’s claims of no salary increases for railway workers. The British government – which is not a party to the conflict – also maintains that the strike is creating problems for hundreds of thousands of innocent passengers, but that it will also have the opposite effect on the railway workers themselves.

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