October 21, 2021

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Ukraine. A breakdown at a nitrogen plant in Rivne. Orange cloud over the city

A breakdown at a nitrogen plant in Rivne, western Ukraine. The company has reported a one-time nitrous gas leak and the situation is under control. Earlier, the media reported an explosion. On the other hand, videos on social media show a red cloud heading towards the city.

incident At the RiwneAzot factory in Rivne in the West Ukraine. The head of the regional authorities, Vitaly Koal, wrote on Facebook that the unit at the plant that produces nitric acid has been stopped in case of emergency. Kowal said that the environmental inspection to deal with threat assessment.

Witnesses reported that a red cloud was moving towards the city, the Ukrainian Prawda website wrote. Orange nitric oxide is toxic and can cause eye irritation, coughing, and respiratory illness.

Collapse of nitrogen plants in western Ukraine. “There is no danger”

The company’s press office told Ukrinform that the effects of the emergency had already been completely canceled and no one was affected. According to the company, the air quality indicators are normal and there is no danger to the population and the natural environment.

It was added that there was a pipeline depressurization at the nitric acid plant. “As a result of the exceptional situation, there was a one-time leak of nitrous gases in a small amount on the premises of the stations” – the statement states.

A spokesperson for the local emergency services confirmed to Radio Soboda that the waste collection process had been halted. He noted that “there were no explosions,” although some media outlets reported the explosion. – We informed the environmental inspection to take air samples – added the spokesperson. Radio Trek, in turn, said there was a “little fanfare”. It was later added that a nitrogen gas leak had occurred.

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