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Ukraine and Russia. 127 you. Russian soldiers stationed at the border

Ukraine and Russia.  127 you.  Russian soldiers stationed at the border

It is located near the Ukrainian border Organizational units of the Russian army It can be divided into those that are regularly stationed in the west and south of the country and those brought from other regions – such as the Far East or Siberia – and are located 300 km from the eastern border Ukraine.

In the city of Voronezh, located 330 kilometers from Kharkiv, the 20th National Guard Army is regularly stationed within the Western Military District. Two mechanized divisions and two missile brigades.

In Wałujki, located 50 km from the Ukrainian border, is the 3rd Russian Motorized Division, which includes regiments of machine gunners, tanks and artillery. South of the border in Rostov and Krasnodar Krai, the 8th All-Army Guards Army, an artillery brigade and a motorized rifle division consisting of two motorized rifle regiments, two regiments of tanks and an artillery regiment are stationed within the Southern Military District.

as part of the constant Being in the Crimea The headquarters of the 810th Marine Brigade is located in Sevastopol and the 126th Coastal Defense Brigade in Perevalin in the south of the peninsula, where the 8th Artillery Regiment is also located. The 56th assault air battalion is based in Feodosia, on the Black Sea coast.

The main organizational unit of the Russian forces brought near the Ukrainian border are tactical battalion groups (BTG) – Battle groups of about 800 infantrymen backed by artillery in training grounds, intended for offensive missions.

According to the data collected by the so-called through the White Intelligence, the Rochan Consulting group at the Pogonowo training ground, 200 km from Ukraine, collected additional tanks and automatic shooters. To Gelnya, located 300 km north of Ukraine, six shooters with additional BTG engines, a combat tank group, an Iskander battalion and artillery were sent. Additional motorized infantry and tank units were stationed in the villages of Rożniatów and Klimowo, located less than 100 kilometers from the border. Support units were also sent to the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai.

In addition to allowing a quick focus of forces on a specific part of the introduction of BTG, From 500 to 700 km of gear, BM-27 and BM-31 rocket artillery systems and long-range howitzers. Besides those stationed at the bases on a regular basis, there are currently 36 launch pads near the Ukrainian border.

According to the data of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, they have deployed near the border More than 127,000, including 21,000 soldiers. They are soldiers of the Air Force and the Navy. The American Wall Street Journal reported that additional units were brought from the Russian North Caucasus, barracks near Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Siberia and the Russian Far East.

According to the Ukrainian army, the military equipment collected by Russia will allow the Kremlin To destroy the “key strategic objects” of the stateAnd placed near the Ukrainian border scandal They can even get to Kiev.

According to experts dealing with security issues of the British Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), the forces massed on the Russian-Ukrainian border, thanks to the spread of firepower, Russia was able to launch mass fire, which would allow the army to dictate the terms of a possible conflict.

According to a joint investigation by Russia’s Radio Free Europe and the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT), which tracks the movements of the Russian armed forces, starting in the first weeks of January. Russia began to transfer units from the Eastern Military District to the west of the country. Analysis of journalists and experts investigating the case indicates that up to half of the combat potential of the Far East region of Russia was transferred. Some of the BTG transferred ended up in Belarus, while the location of the rest has not been revealed. Investigative interviews and analysis of posts, photos and recordings posted on social media show that the soldiers were directed to areas on the border with Ukraine.

“The territory of Belarus should be considered as a possible place from which Russia could begin its aggression against Ukraine” – wrote in a statement of the Ukrainian army. Washington agreed with the assessment, saying that the Kremlin “used the pretext of the joint military exercises Zapad 2021 to leave its forces in Belarus and increase the capabilities of the army that threatens Ukraine.”

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