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Ukraine. He asked the residents of Kharkiv what they would do in the event of an invasion. “If I give the gun, I will fight” | News from the world

Ukraine.  He asked the residents of Kharkiv what they would do in the event of an invasion.  "If I give the gun, I will fight" |  News from the world

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British plane unloading missiles to Ukraine

A new and dangerous war is still hanging over Ukraine. Russia has amassed massive forces on the country’s borders, and the media has already covered scenarios for a possible invasion. However, according to reports from Ukraine itself, there is no sign of panic among the population – although there are significant concerns. One of the TV stations (????????????, otherwise: current time – the owner of the TV is Radio Free Europe) as part of a survey asked a resident of Kharkiv – it is located only 40 km from the Russian border – About whether his family had plans in case of an invasion. Thus he answered:

– we’ve got.

– Will you say what these plans are?

– I’ll get my gun and go to war.

The reporter is silent for a moment and then asks what his family will do. The man explains that he will take the family to the summer house. He adds that his family already has food and petrol in stock and has everything they might need there. – I’m ready to fight. Until tomorrow, if they give me a gun, I’ll go to war. I will do what I can. He said I will fight them as much as possible.

A new war in Ukraine? It is never over for the people of Donbass

Reporter Pyotr Androsichko Outriders, who is currently in the Donbass, describes it as “paradoxically the most peaceful place that has been dangerous for nearly eight years, that is, near the front line”. The townspeople say they are used to the war and it seems that life is going on as usual – as it does in the conflict zone. Although the conflict in eastern Ukraine is said to be “frozen”, there is an exchange of fire there all the time. The rockets frequently hit the homes of civilians who still live there.

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A similar case was reported by Andrzej Zaucha z TVN24. His interlocutors near the front line also say they are used to the threat: shelling and artillery. They did not run away, because they had nowhere to go, and they immediately support the soldiers. Sergei Borisenko, headmaster of the school in Semyonovsi, also plans to fight. As he told a TVN24 reporter, despite his age (66 years), he “forced” the local authorities to include him in the list of volunteers and announced that he would fight in the event of an invasion. Health is gone, but at least I will be cannon fodder. Perhaps I will give the impression of at least one of them – he said.

Ukrainian-Russian Relations. Diplomatic procedures are underway

Diplomatic procedures are underway all the time to avoid a new war. In two days, a meeting of politicians from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will take place in Paris. Talks focus on ways to resolve the tense situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The Russians gathered tens of thousands of soldiers on the border with Ukraine. Moscow denies it planned to invade Ukraine and says it is Kiev that wants to attack pro-Russian fighters in the breakaway eastern regions.

At the same time, Russia is demanding that the United States and NATO abandon their plans to develop their structures in the east and prevent Ukraine or Georgia from joining the alliance. Moscow also wants NATO to weaken its presence on the eastern side.

A meeting took place in recent days between the US secretary of state and the Russian foreign minister, but that did not change the situation.

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