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Ukraine, Kadyrovtsy. Netizens analyze the recordings showing the heroic exploits of Kadyrov’s forces

Ukraine, Kadyrovtsy.  Netizens analyze the recordings showing the heroic exploits of Kadyrov's forces

Internet users mock the units of the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, whose “heroic exploits” have been verified on the Internet and questioned. Investigative journalists from the Bellingcat projects, the CIA team and Ukraine’s also draw attention to inaccuracies and distortions. However, independent media assert that Kadyrov’s people live the lives of many civilians in Ukraine on their conscience, and they are also accused of war crimes.

The Russian media, especially on social media, has reported the activity of Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechen units, from the regiment named after his father Ahmed, since the beginning of the war.

Most of the alleged heroic achievements of these sub-units have already been repudiated without much effort by netizens and investigative journalists – including projects from Bellingcat, the CIA or Ukrainian

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Kadirewicz Zmid Shlaev wears Mariupol (09/2022)Sergey Boblev / TASS / Forum

Among the media describing its activities, the independent Belarusian Nasha Neva. “The Internet is tearing up a new video full of pity of corpses fighting in the air” – it was written, referring to one of the films published on the network.

The unfortunate incidents of Kadyrovtsy were noted

In turn, Ukrainian Pravda journalists checked the geolocation of Kadyrov’s phone, when on March 13 this phone was supposed to be in Hostomel before the planned “capture of Kyiv”. It turns out that his phone was in Grozny at that time.

On April 3, the Kadyrovsky couple, in one of the videos, provided humanitarian aid in besieged Mariupol. It was supposed to come from Russia. On flour, pasta and oil, there were inscriptions in the Ukrainian language. According to Bellingcat, the fighters were distributing the stolen food.

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On March 28, Ramzan Kadyrov was allegedly in Mariupol – this information was reported in the Russian media. A photo was published of him a day later, praying at a Pulsar gas station, with a machine gun next to him. The Pulsar station network belongs to Russia’s Rosneft and has no facilities in Ukraine.

Ramzan Kadyrov

As noted by Internet users and journalists who analyze the message coming from the corpses, such incidents can be counted endlessly. And in the material summarizing the activities of the Chechen units involved in the invasion of Ukraine, which was recently published by the Internet TV channel Nastoyashcheye Vremia, it was noted, inter alia, that the recordings of the alleged battles near Kyiv were made in Belarus.

“Kadyrov loves to take pictures in front of the cameras”

Ukrainian analyzed Kadyrovtsy’s alleged films from the “front line” in Mariupol. Most of them were built in a single square on the outskirts of the city, in the back of the Russian outposts. There were also permanent items – fighting with empty buildings and air, as well as war cries.

“The Kadyrov family loves to shoot in front of the cameras. Here, for example, they shoot a traffic light, and here is the garage door” – reports Nastojaszczeje Vremya.

“But this does not mean that the Kadyrovsky family does not fight in Ukraine. They are fighting and killing many civilians, as evidenced by reports of Ukrainian intelligence and statements of the Ukrainian authorities, as well as testimonies of witnesses from liberated areas, ”emphasizes the TV.

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Chechen militia units were to operate, among other things, in the towns near Kyiv, where the forces of the invaders committed war crimes – in Bokza, Hostomil, Irbich. There, after the end of the Russian occupation, hundreds of bodies were found among the dead and tortured civilians. According to the findings of Ukrainian investigators, members of the Kadyrovsky family were supposed to torture and kill civilians in a basement in Bokza.

Main image source: Sergey Boblev / TASS / Forum

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