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Ukraine Live. The fight for Donbass. Pictures and latest information about the war on April 20, 2022

Ukraine Live.  The fight for Donbass.  Pictures and latest information about the war on April 20, 2022

The war in Ukraine has been going on since February 24. The Battle of Donbass has begun. The siege of Mariupol in the Donetsk region is underway. Fighting is also taking place in the Luhansk region in the east. We publish the latest news, latest photos and videos live. 24/7 coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on

War in Ukraine – Live coverage

direct war in ukraine. The Russians began their invasion of our eastern neighbor on February 24, attacking it from all possible angles: sea, air and land. After several days of bombing strategic targets, the Russians began bombing civilian buildings. With no progress, the brutality of the Russian forces against the civilian population worsened. The death toll continues to rise.

Ukraine – Russia: Live coverage

What are the battles, where are they taking place and how Kyiv is preparing for the attack, you can follow the 24-hour live broadcast on Every day we publish photos and videos from different places in Ukraine that are posted by eyewitnesses in the foreground. The publications also included statements by experts and politicians about current events in Ukraine and possible scenarios for ending the war with Russia.

The fight for Donbass

Russian invading forces began Battle of DonbassUkraine will defend itself, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Monday during the evening video address, Ukrinform reports.
– It can now be said that the Russian forces have begun the battle of Donbass, which they have been preparing for a long time. The President of Ukraine said that a very large part of the entire Russian army is now focused on this offensive.

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Mariupol: Russia sets an ultimatum

The Russian Defense Ministry, citing a statement issued by the Russian TASS Agency, said that if the Ukrainian forces fighting in Mariupol laid down their weapons starting at 6 am Moscow time (5 am Poland time) on Sunday, their lives would be spared. .

Russia had previously stated that it had eliminated all the centers of urban resistance in Mariupol. According to the Russian side, the remaining fighters, both Ukrainian and foreign, are fortified at the Azovstal steel plants.

TASS quoted Russian Colonel General Mikhail Mezintsev as saying that Moscow’s offer was dictated by the “catastrophic situation” at the facility as well as by “purely humanitarian values”. “We guarantee the preservation of the lives of all those who laid down their arms,” ​​the Russian added. Under the terms of the proposed agreement, the remaining defenders will leave the facility without weapons or ammunition between 6 a.m. and 1 p.m. Moscow time. Reuters reported that the authorities in Kyiv did not immediately respond to the proposal.

Is Putin attacking Ukraine with chemical weapons?

This was mentioned by Volodymyr Zelensky Russia prepares for chemical weapons attacks. Speak in the same vein Joe Biden. On March 22, the US president indicated that a successful defense of the Ukrainians could put Vladimir Putin against the wall, which could lead to him resorting to chemical weapons.

– This is evidenced by Russia’s dissemination of false information that the United States has stored chemical weapons in Ukraine. This is an act to distract from the intentions of the Russian leader. This is a clear sign that he (Putin) is considering using these two weapons, Biden said.

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