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Ukraine: Paratroopers destroyed equipment worth $11 million – O2

Ukraine: Paratroopers destroyed equipment worth $11 million - O2

Defenders of Ukraine condemned to a swift defeat at the start of the warThey still bravely defended themselves against the Russian invaders. On Monday, July 25, they added another small hit to their roster.

We end the day with good news. Another enemy of the Su-25 went to hell, thanks to the work of the anti-aircraft defense units of the Siczesław Brigade – it was delivered by the landing and assault units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Telegram.

Victory will be ours! Believe in the armed forces! We will not let you down! Glory to Ukraine – added in the entry to report the destruction of a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft.

According to “Ukrainian Pravda”, the Su-25 is intended for air support, in addition to destroying objects with specific coordinates. One of these attack aircraft costs about 11 million dollars.

On Monday, July 25, it also reported the downing of two unmanned aerial vehicles By anti-aircraft defense in Volhynia. Unfortunately, falling debris killed one person and injured two others.

The war in Ukraine has been going on for more than five months

The war in Ukraine, which was started by the army of Vladimir Putin, has been going on since February 24, 2022. On that day, like unjustified Russian troops, they launched an invasion of the territory of an independent neighboring state. Although more than five months have passed, there is no indication that the dispute will be resolved quickly. Experts say it will last for months or even years. Unfortunately, the civilians living in the occupied territories suffer the most. Currently, the fiercest battles are taking place in the south and east of Ukraine.

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