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Ukraine. The unfortunate accident of Russian propaganda on a TV show

Ukraine.  The unfortunate accident of Russian propaganda on a TV show

On the air of Russia’s state TV program There was an unusual situation. When broadcasting live, The invited experts broke the “speech pattern” practiced by the Kremlin authorities about the war.

The political scientist and historian who speaks the word is addressed in a video posted on the Internet consisting of several parts of the discussion Controversial words in the Russian environment.

– The problem is International law has been violated. The territorial integrity of the sovereign state was violated on February 24. The state borders that were violated were not the borders of Russia – The expert said. He added that so far no one wants to conclude any agreement with Russia. He also repeatedly emphasized that the Ukrainians were a former Soviet nation.

There was complete silence in the studio. One of the lecturers noted the words of the expert, who commented succinctly – “So none of us (Russians and Ukrainians – editor) can be broken.”

The statement of the political expert and historian was not the only surprise to the leaders of the program. After a while, one of the invited guests spoke. This time the studio became more serious and the faces of the leaders appeared nervous and embarrassed by the situation.

– I don’t understand any arrangement of the world we’ve been talking about since then We are attacking nuclear power plants and infrastructure facilities in Ukraine. This is a cruel and sadistic war against civilians. This is a war against the people – said the sociologist.

His words rang out louder The facilitator first tried to turn the situation into a jokeBut as the invited expert continued, the expert said, “Am I supposed to explain to you everything we have talked about here for the past three or four years while you were away?”

Julie Davis noticed the unusual situationWho analyzes Russian propaganda.

Meanwhile in Russia: Several participants threw truth bombs at stunned TV hosts, look as these angry propagandists attack an expert who said Russia is waging a cruel and sadistic war against civilians by destroying infrastructure. The expert will not be invited again– I wrote on Twitter.

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