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Ukraine, war. Operational Concept of Resistance – ROC – What is it? CNN: It gives amazing results in the war against Russia

Ukraine, war.  Operational Concept of Resistance - ROC - What is it?  CNN: It gives amazing results in the war against Russia

Ukrainians successfully use unconventional and innovative methods of defensive combat, developed by US special forces. The system developed by the Americans in recent years was created to fight a militarily stronger enemy – writes CNN, citing officials and experts.

The concept of Resistance Operations (ROC) was developed in 2013, several years after the Russian invasion Georgia. Only at the beginning LithuaniaEstonia and Poland expressed real enthusiasm for this doctrine, but the annexation of Crimea Russia In 2014, the West was taken by surprise and interest in the new defense concept grew rapidly, according to CNN.

According to this station, the doctrine proved itself in practice during the massive invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which began in February.

How does David defeat Goliath?

The concept is a plan of action for smaller countries in the event of an attack by a larger aggressor. It proposes an innovative and unconventional approach to war, and in the case of Ukraine, it not only defines the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, but also assumes the participation of civilians in the “complete defense” against Russia.

“The soldiers are confident: the enemy must be defeated as much as possible, then their desire to advance will fade. Victory will be ours!” – This is how the photo was described by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

– All hands on board for comprehensive defense (…). Commenting on the actions, retired General Mark Schwartz, who led the US Special Operations Command in Europe (SOCEUR) while working on the doctrine of the Republic of China, said that they are using all resources and resorting to very unconventional means to disrupt the operations of the forces of the Russian Federation. from the Ukrainians.

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CNN asserts that Russia has an advantage in terms of the number of weapons and the number of soldiers, which is why the Kremlin believed that it would be able to control most of Ukraine in a few weeks or even a few days. Nevertheless, Ukraine resisted and defended itself against the aggressor with great success.

Half a year of the Ukrainian struggle. Events calendarTVN24

– This is a way to reverse the situation against a great power (…). It is inconceivable, Schwartz said, to see, despite the unimaginable loss of people and sacrifices, what the will of resistance and determination can do.

If not by force, then with humor

Retired Colonel Kevin Stringer, who led the doctrine development team, said signs of the use of the ROC concept are evident in the recent attacks on Russian military facilities in Crimea. The attacks surprised the Russians because the targets were outside the range of weapons that the West gave Ukraine.

– If you can’t do this conventionally, you will use special operations forces, and they will need to support the resistance movement – intelligence, resources, logistics – to get to these areas (…). Stringer said it’s very likely that the rules (ROC) are playing a role in the war now.

“We unite in our ranks poets, carpenters, musicians, drivers, professors, students … Everyone now has one common goal – to defend the unity of the homeland” – this is how the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine described it

Already at the beginning of the invasion, the Ukrainian government created a website explaining different ways of resisting the invaders. These include non-violent methods, such as boycotts of public events, labor strikes, and even the use of humor and satire to make it difficult for occupation authorities to manage and to remind Ukrainians of their right to sovereignty.

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However, it also describes the use of Molotov cocktails, making fires and adding chemicals to tanks to neutralize enemy vehicles.

Ukrainian war veterans make Molotov cocktails, deliver medicines to hospitals, and prepare food

Ukrainian war veterans make Molotov cocktails, deliver medicines to hospitals, and prepare food24.03 | The material was recorded by the Kinodopomoga movement, and the images were provided by TVN24, the Alliance of Polish Filmmakers.Kinodopomoga Movement, Alliance of Polish Filmmakers, TVN24

‘Sell well’ war

As CNN emphasized, the ROC also calls for a widespread media campaign to control the narrative of conflict or maintain community unity.

Examples include popular films showing Ukrainian attacks on Russian tanks, often with pop or heavy metal music, or videos of Ukrainian soldiers rescuing stray animals. It is also part of the resistance. As a result, information from Ukraine finds its way into the headlines and Internet portals of the Western media, where the information is transmitted for the benefit of the Ukrainians, CNN notes.

The resistance movement is led by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whose evening speeches and frequent international appearances have prevented the conflict from disappearing from view.

His visits appear near the front line in the news around the world when he was president of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin It is rarely seen outside the Kremlin or the resort in Sochi – the website of the American station confirms.

Zelensky: The day will come when the enemy will die

Zelensky: The day will come when the enemy will die28.08.Volodymyr Zelensky

The Ukrainian resistance and the way it was portrayed led to a wave of support for Ukraine and increased aid from Western governments to supply Ukraine with more weapons and ammunition.

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Dedications to Ukrainian missiles

Dedications to Ukrainian missilesREUTERS/REVENGEFOR.COM

The Baltic states are interested in this doctrine

According to CNN, the concept developed by the United States serves to increase the country’s resilience and to plan resistance activities, which is defined as the entire country’s efforts to restore sovereignty over enemy-occupied territory.

The plans included in the ROC are not the same for all countries, but are adapted to the demographic and regional conditions of a particular country.

Interestingly, states have publicly reported the existence of a resistance doctrine and some planned activities, which are intended to deter an aggressor from a potential attack. Of course, the detailed plans and organization of the resistance in the country are kept secret.

Since the concept was developed, at least 15 countries have participated in related training, said Nicole Kirschman, a spokeswoman for US Special Operations Command Europe. Another US official told CNN, while maintaining anonymity, that special interest in the doctrine was seen in the Baltic states.

For Estonia, civil resistance has always been part of the defense plan. Officials there are constantly analyzing The war in Ukraine Learn from what worked against Russia and where Ukraine’s resistance might improve. According to Rene Toms, a spokesman for the Estonian Voluntary Defense League, Estonians remember Soviet governments well, and those who are too young to remember are taught about them in school.

According to Toms, after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, the number of volunteers from the resistance forces in Estonia increased. “I think we can do much more damage behind enemy lines than Ukraine,” he assessed.

Main image source: PAP / EPA / OLEG PETRASYUK

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