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Ukrainian doctors are scheduled to learn Polish within three weeks. Experts: Impossible

Ukrainian doctors are scheduled to learn Polish within three weeks.  Experts: Impossible

  1. Ukrainian doctors can work in Poland, but they must know the Polish language to the point that they can communicate with the patient and the team they work with

  2. The Ministry of Health provides medical personnel from Ukraine with an intensive Polish education, but only 45 hours are allocated to them

  3. According to Polish doctors, it is definitely not enough to achieve the appropriate level of language knowledge. Additional measures are also needed, including the organization of adaptive training

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Doctors and other medical personnel from Ukraine can practice their profession in Poland, but before obtaining a permit, they must know the Polish language, preferably at least B2 level. It takes approximately 500 hours of study to reach this level. while The education organized by the Medical Center for Higher Education, on the initiative of the Ministry of Health, covers only 45 teaching hours, which is scheduled to take place over three weeks. According to experts, this is definitely not enough.

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  1. Easier work in Poland for doctors and nurses from Ukraine

Three thousand people are willing to learn Polish

Language learning is offered for free not only to doctors, but also to dentists, paramedics, nurses and midwives. According to the information provided by the ministry, 1,424 people are already participating in the course, but nearly three thousand are interested.

What do Polish doctors say? “Organizing online courses is a step in the right direction, but 45 hours is definitely not enough” says Jerzy Wielgolewski, director of the district hospital in Maków Mazowiecki, citing I have about 10 people from Ukraine who want to work in my hospital, I will gladly hire them, but some of them don’t speak Polish at all, the key is to communicate with the patient and the team Adds the hospital director.

  1. Dr. Szułdrzyński: Polish healthcare was devastated two years after the pandemic, and now it’s another challenge

45 hours of study instead of 500

According to the Center for Teaching and Certification of Foreign Languages ​​at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, approximately 80-120 hours of study are required to achieve the lowest level of language proficiency, i.e. A1. In order to know him on average, you need to spend 350-400 hours. However, it is still definitely not enough to be able to treat effectively and to be able, for example, to conduct an in-depth interview with the patient about previous diseases. Doctors suggest that a minimum B2 level is required to work in the healthcare field. To achieve this, you must spend at least 500 hours studying.

Just knowing the language is not enough

Application? CMKP should increase the number of Polish language hours for paramedics. “We have to teach doctors and students from Ukraine the language. It is an essential tool for further study and work Confirms on the website Piotr Winciunas, Chairman of the Committee on Registration and Occupation Practice of the Local Medical Council in Warsaw. In his view, a physician without knowledge of the language cannot properly issue prescriptions and referrals and, above all, guide the patient through the health care system.

Therefore, it is not enough to actively learn the Polish language, additional measures are needed, which should be provided by the Ministry of Health, for example internal adaptation training and training in the administrative conditions of the Polish health care system.

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