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Ukrainian fans apologize to Poland for not getting any points from the jury. ‘A terrible shame’

Ukrainian fans apologize to Poland for not getting any points from the jury.  'A terrible shame'

The Eurovision Final is behind us. Ukraine ended the fight with the championship. The Kalush Orchestra and its song “Stefania” became the favorite show of viewers from all over Europe. Christian Ochmann finished 12th with “River”. The biggest surprise in yesterday’s vote was the fact that the Ukrainian jury did not award any points to the Polish delegation.

Almost immediately, numerous comments appeared on the Internet from angry Poles, who asserted that Ukrainian jurors showed disrespect for the “Polish brother”. As it turned out, the fact that Poland was not voted on by the jurors infuriated not only the Vistula fans, but also the Ukrainian fans of Eurovision.

“I am very proud of our victory! This means that the Ukrainian state will finally be born! I apologize to the Poles that the jury omitted. Terrible shame” – wrote one Internet user on Facebook. “Question to the Ukrainian jury: Why didn’t the five experts score a single point for the pole? The fact that he was 10 times better. Than most of the actors I voted for. Dumb jury,” she repeats.

A disgruntled Eurovision fan wrote: “My friends from Poland, don’t be upset! It was a big mistake of the jury that they didn’t give you any points! Shame.” “We know very well that Christian Uchmann was fantastic” – adds another. “The jurors gave the bodies! Irina Fedezin [jedna z jurorek] You should be ashamed! Ochman sings much better than you! Were the Poles jealous – we’re sorry – commenting on the netizen user.

Taras Topulia – Ukrainian singer who wrote a post in Polish especially on the occasion of Eurovision, also took the floor. At the beginning of his post, the artist congratulated Ukraine on the victory and assessed how important this victory was for the whole nation. After the praise, he turned to the Polish fan, emphasizing that the judges’ assessment is not in line with the decision of the whole country.

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“Dear Poles, our neighbour, our friend, our brother in values ​​and spirit. First of all, I would like to thank you for the support you have given Ukraine at this very difficult time. Poland’s contribution cannot be overestimated, and we have not fully understood it yet. We will not Never forget it. We will definitely thank you for that, I promise! This upset with the Ukrainian jury ratings and 0 points for the Polish performance is our great shame. I don’t know the motive of these people, but I certainly do not agree with their decision. So I would like to apologize to all Poles “- stressed on Topolya.

“The Ukrainian nation rated the vocals and performance of the Polish actor a maximum of 12 points! I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we Ukrainians are indignant at these ratings, and please do not associate the entire nation with the decisions of individuals. Please do not see the symbols in these There is no symbolism there. These are only the votes of the jury, which are the opposite of the opinion of the entire Ukrainian nation.After all, neither from a creative point of view, nor from a global point of view, the representative of Poland did not deserve such a poor assessment, because Uchmann’s speech was really great, nor less than the political and economic support we received throughout the war.”

We would like to remind you that Poland awarded Ukraine 12 points in the jury and audience vote. For several weeks, Krystian Ochman has been mentioned among the experts as the favorite in this year’s competition. Although Poland can be proud of the twelfth place taken by the song “River”, it is undeniable that dozens of European countries may have been a bit of a surprise.

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