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Ukrainians hit back in Sierodontsk. They already control half of the city

W ciągu minionych dwóch dni Ukraińcy wyparli Rosjan z części zajętych terenów (fot.S.Cavalli/SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty)

The British Ministry of Defense announced on Sunday that Ukrainian forces carried out a counter-attack in Severodonetsk in the past 24 hours. The counterattack, she added, may have “weakened the operational momentum previously obtained by Russian forces”. The head of the Lugansk regional administration reported that the Ukrainian army currently controls half of Severodonetsk.

Kyiv Mayor: Several explosions rocked the city

In the early hours of Sunday morning, several explosions took place in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv – Reuters reported, citing the mayor…

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Report: The war in Ukraine

“In the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces have launched a counterattack on the belligerent city of Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine, which may weaken the operational momentum previously acquired by Russian forces thanks to the concentration of combat units and firepower,” the British statement read.

The Russian forces implicated in the area are reported to be individuals mobilized from the reserves of Russia’s separatist forces in the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic. These troops are poorly equipped and trained, and, in comparison with regular Russian units, they do not have heavy equipment at their disposal.

“The use of alternative infantry forces for urban clearing operations is a Russian tactic previously observed in Syria, where Russia used the Syrian Army’s Fifth Corps to storm urban areas. Such an approach likely indicates a desire to reduce the number of casualties incurred by regular Russian forces,” he said. It was reported in the daily intelligence update.

Severodonetsk divided into two halves

In turn, the head of the Lugansk regional administration reported that currently half of Severodonetsk is controlled by the Ukrainian army, and half is under the control of the Russian army.

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Serhi Hidag said the Russian army had previously controlled about 70 percent of the city. Over the past two days, Ukrainians have expelled the Russians from some occupied lands, and now Severodonetsk is divided roughly into two halves.

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