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Ula z M jak miłość showed how to live! Exquisite furniture in Iga Krefft apartment attracts attention – photos

Ula z M jak miłość pokazała jak mieszka! Uwagę w mieszkaniu Igi Krefft zwracają bajeczne meble - ZDJĘCIA

Author: Instagram
Ula z M jak miłość showed how to live! Exquisite furniture in Iga Krefft apartment attracts attention – photos

Iga Krefft is the only star of “M jak miłość” who invites all fans to his apartment! Ula’s Instagram of “M jak miło”ć” is full of photos and shots showing the conditions in which he lives. And it must be admitted that the 25-year-old actress and singer, working under the pseudonym Ofelia, can boast of a beautiful interior. Krefft has been working hard for success since early childhood, and therefore she was able to buy an apartment in Warsaw. The exquisite furniture is especially eye-catching! See the interior of Ola’s real house from “M jak miłość”.

What does Iga Krefft, Ula’s apartment from “M jak miłość” look like and where is it?

Iga Krefft has been playing in “M jak miłość” since she was 12 years old. She spent nearly half of her life on the set of the series, playing the adopted daughter of Hanka (Małgorzata Kożuchowska) and Marek (Kacper Kuszewski) of Mostowiak. Since the screening of Ula from “M jak miłość” she is not only an actress. As a teenager, she took the stage name Ophelia and began recording and composing her own songs. Krift’s debut album Ophelia was released in 2019. The career of the star “M jak miłość” is gaining momentum every year, and she is translating this success into realizing her dream of her own apartment in Warsaw.

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To be honest, not everyone known from “M jak miłość” willingly displays the interiors of their own homes, but Iga Krefft is an exception. Her Instagram is full of photos and shots of a beautiful and spacious apartment in Powiśle in Warsaw, decorated with great attention to detail, detail and accessories. Not so long ago, Krefft lived there with her boyfriend, who also played in “M jak miłość”.But currently she only shares the apartment with her beloved dog Benio

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In the photos of Iga Krefft on Instagram, it is clear that she lives indoors in an artistic spirit. In the apartment of the 25-year-old actress from “M jak miłość” there are elegant accessories, original drawings and paintings on the walls and great lighting where she can compose music. Krefft apartment in Warsaw is particularly eye-catching with its beautiful antique wooden chest of drawers in the living room and a romantic bedroom with a huge bed and plants. Fans of the “M jak miłość” star are delighted with a beautiful and inspiring interior, like in a fairy tale.

The real Iga Krefft apartment is nothing like the modest little room of Ula and Bartek (Arkadiusz Smoleński) in “M jak miłość” in Mostowiacy’s house. Only in the new season, after the holidays of 2021, the Lisiecki family will arrange their dream apartment in the attic.

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Watch the gallery of how Ula lives privately with “M jak miłość”!

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