October 21, 2021

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unbelievable!  Joanna Woese amaze again.  world domination

unbelievable! Joanna Woese amaze again. world domination

It has already become unbelievable. The case of the players of Imoco Volley Conegliano is unique in the world of volleyball, because he has not seen such dominance for a long time. mistresses Italian They just won their potential sixth cup after that Champions LeagueTwo Italian Cups, a Super Cup, and a Scudetto last year. Since the fall of 2019, they can be defeated not only by anyone in the country, but also in the world.

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Woosz win the 65th game in a row! Incredible sustainable chain

Team Joanna Woese Unbeaten in 64 official matches through Saturday. Now it has added another victory to the most dangerous competitor in Italy. She won the Super Cup against Igor Gorgonzola Novara after a four-set match.

Shame on the Brazilian volleyball players! Worst World Cup result in history. It all started with Poland

Conegliano’s team was the worst in the first game, losing to 23 after a fierce finish. It wasn’t easy in the second set either – the opponent already had the set ball at 24:23, but Imoco defended himself and finally won 29:27 after playing with the advantage. Later, it was a little easier – the group won 15 times and the last group, again played with an advantage, but was controlled, because Wołosz’s team had three balls to use.

Poland - Italy, FIFA U-21 World Cup, volleyball and volleyball playersThe Italians celebrate an incredible victory over Poland. “This will be a lesson for us.”

Congliano dominance in the Super Cup! Fourth cup in a row

After the last one, she can enjoy another cup. For Congliano, this is the fourth consecutive game the team has won the Super Cup and the fifth in the last six years. Only in 2017, Igor Gorgonzola Novara stopped their dominance, who was the national hero at that time.

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Karol Urbanowicz during the semi-finals of the FIFA U-21 World Cup between Poland and Italycan be a hero. Now declare a battle for a medal. The Poles still have something to fight for in the U-21 World Cup

Even now, after this kind of success, Lalash had his own extraordinary tradition. After winning the Italian Championship or winning the Champions League in May, Poland stood naked with the trophy to win the tournament. It is likely that she will also decide to do so after winning the Super Cup, although no such photo has appeared on her social media profiles yet.

Imoco Volley Conegliano is about to finish preparing for the start of the season league. Italian volleyball players will return to the league courts in a week, and Joanna and the Loss will play on Sunday October 10 with Megabox Vallefoglia.