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United kingdom. Former Minister of Defense: Poland is Ukraine’s greatest friend

United kingdom.  Former Minister of Defense: Poland is Ukraine's greatest friend

In nine terrible months, Ukraine has certainly found its friend. Great Britain They are reliable, providing training, weapons, and solid political support. United Stateas always, took the brunt, as spending increased $18 billion For ammunition and other military equipment. But Poland is Ukraine’s best friend– writes Fallon, who was British Minister of Defense in 2014-2017, in the offices of David Cameron and Theresa May.

As he points out, this Poland has accepted most of the Ukrainian refugeesthe Polish economy suffered one of the biggest blows, which led to The growth rate will drop by 4 percent. up to 1.6 percent in 2023 And it is Poland that is tirelessly seeking to build up its own reserves Giving Ukrainian soldiers weaponsWhich they desperately need to defend their homeland.

Fallon also writes that the missile that hit eastern Poland may not have been Russian, but that doesn’t change the situation.

All enemy missiles fired since February have been Russian. Contrary to the laws of war, it was aimed at the civilian population of Ukraine: residential buildings, power plants, waterworks, and shopping centers were bombed. Such massive attacks always run the risk of spilling over into neighboring countries. But Russia resorts to blind missile strikes precisely because it is losing a conventional war“- Confirms.

He notes that an unintended missile attack raises fears of escalation, especially when it comes to NATO territory, but this Russia must now fear escalation more than anything elseBecause it is unable to fight the war it is currently waging, and the last thing it needs is to escalate this conflict.

Ukraine is indebted to Poland for its very prompt and generous response. But the rest of us also owe a debt to PolandNot only for her generous human response, but for her persistence in alerting us to the Russian menace.

Throughout his tenure as defense secretary, he recalls, this was the case Poland has long understood this threat better and pushed for a more decisive response from the West He points out that the deployment of NATO forces in the Baltics, Poland itself, and air defense in Romania is largely due to Polish leadership and pressure.

“And the Poland should shame its Western allies into doing more to help. Since February, nearly eight million Ukrainians have crossed the border into Poland. Over 20,000 more are being added every day. They are fed and housed and get free travel and school places for their children. Families across Poland have opened their doors to the largest population movement on our continent since World War II.

This year, Poland will spend 8.4 billion euros to help Ukrainian refugees (£7.3 billion), however Only 144 million euros from the European Union. Compare that to the huge sums the European Union spends on massive programs for refugees fleeing North Africa and the Middle East. Indeed, the EU appears to be more concerned about the independence of parts of the Polish judiciary than it is about the displacement of eight million Europeans.. The large payments legally due to Poland under the EU’s seven-year budget and post-crisis recovery fund (€73 billion and €35 ​​billion, respectively) have been booked at a time when Poland needs all possible financial aid.

He adds that wealthier neighbors also do not contribute military aid. indicates that Poland has provided Ukraine with more military equipment than any other EU ally and four times more than France. Poland has provided self-propelled howitzers, portable air defense systems and dozens of its own tanks, says Fallon, and Germany, despite the talk of it, is still delaying deliveries of missile launchers and armored vehicles.

He recalls that more than 20 years ago, Germany sent its Leopard tanks to defend Kosovo, yet there was still a desire in Berlin to lend them to the Ukrainian army fighting for freedom. He notes that in February, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said in the Bundestag that “the question is whether we can keep warmongers like Putin in check,” but that those tanks, which are needed to reclaim more Ukrainian territory, are still in storage.

Putin is clearly desperate. More accidents are likely to occur in the chaos of war and turmoil. But Our response must certainly be more decisive. The broader threats of this terrible war will not be mitigated by well-intentioned peace attempts. The way to prevent further incidents and escalation is to end this conflict as soon as possible: This means doing everything we can for Ukraine to win it. Stopping Putin once and for all is the surest way to keep the villages of southeastern Poland – and all of us – safe.

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