July 28, 2021

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United kingdom.  Scientists warn lifting restrictions is building COVID-19 'different factories' |  world News

United kingdom. Scientists warn lifting restrictions is building COVID-19 ‘different factories’ | world News

Experts are reacting with disbelief and fear over Sajid Javid’s “horrifying” approach to lifting restrictions. “Watchman”. According to Sajid Javid, restrictions related to COVID-19 must be lifted. The politician argued: – The rules we had to implement have caused a horrific increase in domestic violence and a terrible effect on the mental health of many people.

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Sajid Javid wants to lift restrictions. The experts are terrified

However, experts say that such ads Minister of Health Britain is building ‘different factories’ for the coronavirus. Professor Stephen Reacher of St. Andrews tweeted: “It’s scary to have a ‘health’ minister who still considers COVID-19 to be the flu. Who doesn’t care about the level of infection. Who doesn’t realize that those who work for health are doing their best for the economy. Who wants to give up? About all restrictions while only half of us are vaccinated.”

Professor Susan Michy, director of the Center for Behavior Change at University College London, tweeted that lifting restrictions prematurely could have a disastrous impact on British health. “Allowing social transmission to increase is like building new variable factories at a very rapid pace” – the expert warned.

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Easing restrictions in Great Britain. Will he make a decision on Monday?

Society expects it rz ± d On Monday, July 5, Great Britain will announce a decision to ease restrictions in the country. Citizens are more interested in raising commitment Quarantine Regarding travel to other countries and the abolition of the requirement to wear masks in public places.

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– We must make it clear that the number cases It will increase significantly. I know a lot of people will be wary about easing restrictions – it’s totally understandable. But any date we choose will not be associated with any risk, so we must take a broad and balanced view, said Sajid Javid. We must learn to accept existence COVID-19 and finding ways to deal with it – as we have already done flu – The Minister of Health added.

An illustration of an ambulanceA doctor about the delta variant and the next wave of the epidemic. “I would be wrong”

Britain’s Ministry of Health said on Sunday 24,248 new cases of coronavirus and 15 deaths COVID-19. On Saturday, 24,885 new infections and 18 deaths were recorded.