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United kingdom. Secret documents at the bus station

United kingdom.  Secret documents at the bus station

  • A Ministry of Defense spokesman said a staff member had reported the loss of confidential defense documents
  • They show that the government considered various options for the Russian reaction to the passage of HMS Defender near Crimea
  • Most of the documents found are marked “Official Confidential,” which is a relatively low level of confidentiality, but one of the documents, addressed to Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace’s Special Secretary of Defense, has a much higher degree of secrecy.
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unexpected discovery

Nearly 50 pages of documents were found early Tuesday morning in a damp pile behind a bus stop in Kent. The person who found them contacted the BBC after learning of their secret content. The BBC believes the documents, which include emails and PowerPoint presentations, come from the office of a high-ranking official in the Ministry of Defense.

The government said an investigation had begun. A Defense Department spokesperson said a staff member had reported the loss of confidential defense papers, adding: “It would not be appropriate to provide further comment.”

Important documents, including troops in Afghanistan and the ship HMS Defender

According to BBC News, one set of documents discusses Russia’s possible reaction to The ship passed through Ukrainian waters off the coast of Crimea on WednesdayThe second describes in detail plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan, after the end of the US-led NATO operation there.

Documents on the destroyer HMS Defender show that the Defense Ministry considered Russia’s aggressive response to what it described as the “harmless flow through Ukrainian territorial waters,” with covered guns and a helicopter in the hangar.

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On Wednesday, more than 20 Russian planes and two coast guard ships tracked the ship as it sailed about 19 kilometers off the coast of Crimea. The Russian Defense Ministry said that due to the HMS Defender’s collision in Russian waters, the patrol ship fired warning shots and the plane dropped bombs near the destroyer, but the British government denied firing warning shots and stressed that the ship was in Ukraine. Water and not Russian.

The documents show that the HMS Defender mission was discussed at a high level on Monday, and Defense Ministry officials have speculated about Russia’s reaction if the ship passes near Crimea.

The rest of the article is below the video:

They show that two different types of route were discussed at the headquarters of the Armed Forces – one described as a “safe and professional direct crossing from Odessa to Batumi”, including a short section through the “Traffic Separation Scheme” (TSS) near the southwest of the semi Crimea, according to the second ship HMS Defender, will flow away from the disputed waters.

The first round, as stated in one of the slides, “will provide an opportunity to engage with the Ukrainian government … in what Britain recognizes as the territorial waters of Ukraine.” Russia’s three possible responses were identified, ranging from “safe and professional” to “neither safe nor professional”.

The second track, on the other hand, would avoid confrontation, but risk Russia presenting the situation as evidence that “Britain is afraid/running away”, which would allow Russia to claim that Britain has finally accepted Moscow’s claims to the surrounding territorial waters. Crimea.

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As the BBC explained, documents found in Kent confirm that crossing the TSS was a calculated decision by the British government to show support for Ukraine, despite the potential risks involved.

Secret official documents

Most of the documents found are marked “Official Secret” which is a relatively low level of confidentiality, but one of the documents, addressed to Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, has a higher degree of confidentiality and provides top-secret recommendations on the end of the British military presence in Afghanistan, following Operation NATO, after US President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw US forces.

Because of the potential threat to military personnel stationed in Afghanistan from disclosing this information, the BBC does not discuss the content of the documents found.

Reaction in the world and in the country. Moscow mocks London

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova mocked the British government on social media. “London used too many lies to cover up the latest provocation. 007 (James Bond) is no longer the same,” she wrote on Telegram.

Why do we need ‘Russian hackers’ when there are British bus stations? Zakharova Books.

Meanwhile, there was a fierce debate in the British Parliament about security and the transmission of classified information. Senior Defense Ministry officials admitted they were “disappointed” with the behavior of the BBC, which examined the documents rather than returning them promptly, but emphasized that they knew the British journalists were “doing their job”.

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Source: PAP / BBC / Independent

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