June 19, 2021

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United kingdom.  They searched marijuana farms, found an illegal Bitcoin mine بي

United kingdom. They searched marijuana farms, found an illegal Bitcoin mine بي

Bitcoin to Cryptocurrencywhich was introduced in 2009. It is a type of digital currency that operates outside the control of any central authority. However, it is highly susceptible to fluctuations which can be wide. Recently, especially as a result of statements Ilona Mosca | And the actions they declare China.

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Police mistake. Instead of Marijuana Farms, They Found a Bitcoin Mine

West Midlands Police officers raided a building in an industrial estate on May 18. They were expecting to find a marijuana plantation there, but they found a mine instead Cryptocurrency.

Officers were informed that several people were visiting the Great Bridge industrial area in Sandwell, which had already aroused their suspicions. However, the conclusive evidence of a possible marijuana plantation was a measurement from a police drone, which recognized an unusually large amount of heat generated in the building. Evidence pointed to the use of illegal cannabis plantations, where heaters used to promote plant growth are often used on them. However, officers on the site did find facilities for “mining” (i.e. generating) bitcoins.

The cryptocurrency miner was extracting power illegally. Thousands of pounds lost

Pictures of the “mine” released by the police showed rows of computers wired to fans connected to large ventilation ducts. He said there were about 100 computer units in total “Watchman”.

“About 100 Bitmain AntMiner S9 diggers were discovered on the farm – it can easily be calculated that the mine achieved a capacity of about 1,350 TH/s when digging withBitcoin (So ​​before the crash Educational cycle Can make profit from 6000 – 7000 dollar per month) ”- says the portal Standard.

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IT equipment was confiscated and an investigation by Western Power revealed that thousands of pounds had been stolen to run cryptocurrency mines. Sandwell Police Sergeant Jennifer Griffin said police did not expect such an outcome. “This is the second cryptocurrency miner we have encountered in the West Midlands,” she said. The police did not make the arrest because no one was there when the police worked. But they announced that they would deal with the case and verify the identity of the criminals.

It is not illegal to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the UK. However, in the course of the investigation it turned out that the operations on Bitcoin Participated in the theft of electricity from the mains.