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United States. Alexander McLeish of Massachusetts wins $ 5,000,000 100X CASHWORD lottery

United States.  Alexander McLeish of Massachusetts wins $ 5,000,000 100X CASHWORD lottery

An American who had successful heart surgery, then won a million dollars in the lottery. The winning scratch card was presented to him by a friend with a card labeled “Quick Heal”. The man told the US media, “I can not believe it happened. However, this is not the first lottery win of his life.

Alexander McLeish of Attleboro, Massachusetts recently underwent open heart surgery – an implant of two bypass surgeries. The treatment was successful. On this occasion, the American received a rescue card from a friend of Larry’s. Three scratch cards are attached to the cover. Symbolically, as a gift for a new way of life, he has now won – one might say – in the lottery.

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Million dollar words

The scratch cards he received from a friend was a game called $ 5,000,000 100X CASHWORD. Its rules are simple. Scratch the square boxes marked on the coupon. If the letters hidden beneath them form whole words – you will succeed.

According to CNN, McGleesh pulled out one of the three coupons and scratched the first three squares with his fingernail. He looked at the letters A, W and M – his own initials. This is the first sign of happiness to come. He continued to scratch, revealing the HEART (“heart”) letters one by one. Then he found 10 words. This ensured his success. That person won the second highest prize in the lottery – one million dollars. The first prize is $ 5 million. Besides him, 10 people won $ 20.

McLeish checked four times and confirmed that he was OK. – We checked it once, twice, three and four times. Before you tell anyone you’ve won, you need to make sure – that person says in an interview with the Boston Herald. And he adds: – At first it was unbelievable, but finally it hit me. I could not believe it happened.

Awakened from the initial shock he immediately called his wife. – She asked, “Did you win anything?” I was like “yes, a million dollars”. What does she say, “No, but really, what did you win?”. I’m like “millions of dollars” again, McLeish recalled with a smile.

The person took the money on Friday. He chose the option: withdraw money. This is not his first lottery win. A few years ago, the same friend gave Larry a coupon for his 60th birthday that turned out to be worth a thousand dollars.

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