October 21, 2021

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United States.  Alligator was arrested by police.  He fought hard for freedom

United States. Alligator was arrested by police. He fought hard for freedom

In Florida, a large crocodile was arrested by police. The animal resisted when stopped. A funny video about the event was posted on Facebook.

Alligator caught by officersSource: Facebook, Photo: Marcolopes 4 Sheriff


Osiola County Sheriff Marco Lopez released a Facebook statement Thursday describing the entire process of removing the uninvited guest.

A Florida resident informed authorities about an unusual newcomer in his yard. The woman called police and said with horror that she heard a strange noise and itching in the back door of her house.


Police who arrived at the scene quickly discovered that the giant crocodile had made unusual noises.

A long fight

However, detaining the animal was not so easy because the hunter fought hard for freedom.

The crocodile twisted from the channel and tried to cut the cops with his big teeth. “She is OK. He tried to escape – Marco Lopez mentions the whole incident.

Eventually, however, the animal was arrested and taken to safety.


Lopez ended the film by reminding viewers that the Florida Alligator is in the middle of the mating season, and special precautions are advised.

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