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United States. Congresswoman Trump and Bannon think Capital may have been “personally involved” in the storm World News

United States.  Congresswoman Trump and Bannon think Capital may have been "personally involved" in the storm  World News

Wednesday, October 20, Liz Cheney, Republic Congresswoman and Deputy Chair of the Assault Commission Capital, Appeared before the Laws Committee of the House of Representatives. His speech was about the statement of former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon Attorney’s Office He refused to testify before Congress.

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United States. Are Donald Trump and Steve Bannon involved in the attack on Capitol? More and more doubts

The commission has not yet provided any evidence linking the former president United States And his former adviser on the January 6 attack. However, according to Chennai reports, there are serious doubts among commission members that they are related to the storm. According to them Trump He tries to cover up the news with accusations.

Steve Bonan refused to testify in the case last week. He then referred to the so-called privilege of management. This protects the president and his advisers from disclosing internal talks. – Messrs. Bannon’s Arguments and Short The executive’s offer seems to reveal one thing: they suggest that President Trump was personally involved in planning and conduct. [szturmu na Kapitol – red.] January 6 – Cheney quotes CNN. The Commission considers it a violation of federal law to refuse to cooperate and comply with the summons.

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According to experts, Bannon’s offer is unfounded because it does not apply to former presidents. In addition, during the riots, Bannon was no longer officially an adviser to Donald Trump (he lost his position in 2017). The panel therefore voted in favor of the proposal to commit the crime of evading testimony. The motion will be put to a vote on Thursday, with the full support of the House of Representatives.

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Steve Bannon before the January 6 attack: Tomorrow all hell will loosen up

According to Cheney Steve Bannon He may have advanced knowledge of the plans for January 6 and is likely to play a major role in designing them, he points out. BBC. Documents calling Penn to testify to quote his words the day before the attack on Capitol. Then he should say “Tomorrow [6 stycznia – red.] Indicates that all hell will loosen and a “revolution” will occur. “There is no doubt that Mr. Bannon knows more than what is said in this passage,” Cheney said.

The former president urged his advisers to reject the witness demands. In addition, he filed a lawsuit on Monday seeking to block the commission from reviewing documents from the time he was president. Trump’s lawyer in the case accused the former president of “harassment.” He argued that the purpose of the requested documents was “unprecedented” and had no clear connection with the case under investigation. “Defender”.

United States. Attack on the Capitol

On January 6, supporters of Donald Trump entered Congress And try to prevent success certificate Joe Fidena In the presidential election. 600 were charged and 63 were arrested. Participants listened to the accusations. Illegal trespassing on Congress premises, damaging property or injuring police officers.

W Results Five people were killed during the attack, about 140 Guards Were injured. Recently, a police officer from Capitol was charged with one of the attackers for removing any information that could prove his presence in the head office from social media on the day of the attack.

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January 6, 2021 Donald Trump supporters attack CapitolUnited States. The policeman had to help one of the participants after the Capitol storm

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