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United States. Donald Trump in Afghanistan: How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to the United States? We do not know! | News from around the world

United States.  Donald Trump in Afghanistan: How many terrorists will Joe Biden bring to the United States?  We do not know!  |  News from around the world

“You can count on it for sure TalibanThose in full control now do not allow the best and brightest to board these exhaust planes. Conversely, how many thousands can we imagine Terrorists Was flown from Afghanistan to other parts of the world “- the former president wrote in a statement on August 24. United States.

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The Taliban took control of Afghanistan

Donald Trump: Biden terrorizes Afghanistan and kills thousands of Americans

As announced by the portal, Another former president of the United States Once Criticizes actions Joe Fidena In Afghanistan. “Biden handed Afghanistan over to terrorists and dragged thousands of Americans out of front of our citizens and killed the troops,” Trump said in a statement. “What a terrible failure. Deportation without verification. How many terrorists will be brought to the United States?” Joe Biden? We do not know! “- he added. Donald Trump Of the 26 thousand he insisted it was only four thousand of the expelled people. That’s Americans.

Many refugees from AfghanistanThere are special immigrant visas (SIVs) for travelers to the United States that are designed to assist the U.S. military. Army soldiers put pressure SequenceTo help Afghan allies who have supported their operations in Afghanistan, reports.

Moraviki announces decision to withdraw from Afghanistan We were able to pick up 900 people

United States. About 1,500 Americans are still in Afghanistan

Americans are accelerating their withdrawal from Afghanistan. With help Troops The United States has already left 80,000. Every forty minutes, a plane full of Americans and Afghans wanting to leave Afghanistan after the Taliban seizes power from Kabul airport. The number of people officially evicted since August 14 has surpassed 82,000. “Just United States They are able to organize and carry out such a complex task on such a large scale, “said US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen.

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US Embassy in Kabul.  Americans should avoid Kabul airportUS Embassy Warning. Americans must leave Kabul airport immediately

In the middle Exiters There were 4,500 Americans, and another 500 were waiting to leave. About a thousand citizens United States He did not respond to phone calls, emails or text messages sent to them. “We suspect that many of these people have dual citizenship. Some may not want to leave for various reasons – perhaps they have families there or have spent their entire lives in Afghanistan,” White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki said. White House And the State Department guarantees that U.S. citizens will be allowed to leave the country after August 31, when the US military mission in Afghanistan ends.

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