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United States: Electoral reform rejected by Senate

United States: Electoral reform rejected by Senate

Despite 50 Democrats voting for it in the Senate, which controls the chamber, the so-called “law for the people” plan lost. Failure is the result of a policy known as Philipster, which in practice allows 41 senators to block certain bills, preventing debate on them. In the end, 50 Republicans voted against.

– I would like to clarify what happened in this room. All Republicans voted in party order to block the debate! Democrat leader Chuck Schumer in the Senate said the debate was over legislation to protect Americans’ electoral rights. As he puts it, the actions of the opposition signify the restriction of electoral rights and the difficulty of accessing the ballot box. “Skin color other than the younger, poorer and whiter voters.

This plan is considered among others to establish national voting standards that vary widely from state to state today. The law would establish automatic voter registration and ensure voting two weeks before Election Day, making Election Day – traditionally Tuesday – a federal holiday.

Tuesday’s Senate referendum was preceded by weeks of behind-the-scenes talks and attempts to reach a compromise, but ultimately Democrats failed to support the idea by an opposition politician. Republicans see the reforms as “party” plans. Some Democrats opposed the bill, and in the end they all voted in favor of the debate on the bill.

The draft established the Democrats’ attempt to respond to regulations introduced by Republican officials in some states, such as Georgia, establishing stricter voting rules. According to Democrats, the law was intended to make voting difficult, especially for African Americans, but Republicans say it protects against counterfeiting.

Since the 2020 elections and allegations of fraud, the electoral system has been one of the hottest topics of controversy in the United States. Despite the defeat on Tuesday, White House spokeswoman Jen Zhaki said President Biden would not give up the fight for reforms and would use “all available means” to do so. Schumer announced further efforts.

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