September 21, 2021

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United States. Every fourth American does not want to be vaccinated

To date, nearly 240 million injections have been made in the United States. More than 100 million Americans have already been fully vaccinated on one of three approved formulas (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson).

According to a CNN poll, most adults who have not yet taken a dose are not going to do so. This is 26 percent of American adults. This percentage has not changed since the previous survey in March.

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In contrast, 16 percent of American adults say they have not yet injected themselves but want to get it.

Republicans are more skeptical

The study shows that many of the vaccine suspects are Republicans. The party’s 44 percent of voters say they do not want to accept the Govt-19 injection. This position is shared by 28 percent of independent voters and 8 percent of Democrats.

The survey split shows whether vaccination should be mandatory for certain activities.

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The vast majority (72 percent) of Americans object that it is necessary for the grocery store. Fifty-two percent did not accept the vaccine requirement for workers returning to the office. Public opinion is equally divided on whether students should receive injections.

Players refuse to be vaccinated

President Joe Biden said Friday that the military has not ruled out compulsory vaccination, warning it is a “tough decision.” The Pentagon’s recommendations will play a key role in this regard.

About a third of the vaccinated army refused to do so. In early April, the Pentagon announced that 4 out of 10 Marines were leaving by injection

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