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United States. Government Report on UFOs. “There is no evidence that they are aliens, but that cannot be ruled out.”

United States.  Government Report on UFOs.  "There is no evidence that they are aliens, but that cannot be ruled out."

Diary “New York Times“Announced the details of the US government report on the origin UFOThat is, unidentified flying objects seen in the sky over the past twenty years.

“There is no evidence that these are alien ships from alien civilization, but this cannot be ruled out,” the U.S. Secret Service said in a statement. It was also reported that the researchers had failed to establish how they were capable of significant acceleration or change of direction of flight.

NASA has now sent 128 small squid babies into space. Why?

UFO meetings. Concerns have been raised over China and Russia

The document examined 120 incidents of UFO encounters observed by naval pilots over the past twenty years. Experts said the majority of these cases were not linked to any US military or government Technology. A senior Washington executive said there were concerns among NYT, intelligence and military personnel that China or Russia might be experimenting at hypersonic speeds.

Facebook has suspended Donald Trump's account for 2 years.  The reason for the inputs praising the riots in CapitolFacebook has suspended Donald Trump’s account for two years

In 2020, the Pentagon released three videos of unidentified flying objects that sparked rumors in the United States about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Executive representatives agreed in an interview with “NYT” that similar speculations could soon be triggered again as the link to the full version of the report will not be made public. The full report will be sent to Congress by June 25. This should provide “some definite results”.

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UFO records are real. This was confirmed by the US military

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