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United States. Helsinki Commission in Congress on Poland and Hungary

United States.  Helsinki Commission in Congress on Poland and Hungary

The Helsinki Commission in the US Congress on Wednesday called for a special inquiry into the “erosion of democracy in Hungary and Poland.” – Both governments are pushing their countries towards authoritarianism – said Talipore Rohaux from the American Enterprise Institute think tank. Former US Secretary of State Heather Conley said, “Poland and Hungary, unfortunately, do not light the torch of freedom and democracy.”

– We see similar trends in both countries. The situation in Hungary is very worrying. Prime Minister Orban changed the constitution, cleansed the judiciary and integrated the media into the hands of oligarchy, which now serves as the mouthpiece for his campaign. Democrat Senator Ben Cardin, who chaired the meeting, said at the beginning of the meeting that Poland, an ally of the United States, had taken steps that endangered the independence of the judiciary and the media.

“There is a confusing trend of blaming all the atrocities that happen to LGBT people, Roma, Jews and immigrants in these two countries,” he added.

Cardin: The situation in Hungary is very worrying. We see similar trends in PolandHelsinki Commission

Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen said he had recently visited Poland and Hungary and was “deeply concerned.” – In Hungary, we met with representatives of NGOs who told us that the press was repressed and could not express its views. He told us that the Jewish community in Hungary also faces persecution. “I am also concerned about the changes in Poland and the judiciary,” he added.

“Law and justice in Poland copies tricks from Hungary”

Three experts appeared before the committee: Zselyke Csaky of the Freedom House, Dalibor Rohacz, a researcher at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, and vice chairman of the CSIS think tank, and former US ambassador to Eurasia Heath. .

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“The four institutions – the media, the judiciary, elections and civil society – are widely used as the machinery of the ruling party in both countries,” Csaky said.

– Media freedom is under attack in these two countries, but in Hungary it is much worse. There, most of the media is funded by the government. Law and justice in Poland is copying tricks from Hungary. Including economic pressure. This situation is exacerbated by the poor condition of the Polish judiciary. Over the past few years, the government has redesigned the system in an illegal and unconstitutional manner. CJEU confirms this, he said.

Csaky: Law and Justice in Poland Copying Tricks from Hungary

Csaky: Law and Justice in Poland Copying Tricks from HungaryHelsinki Commission

Polish and Hungarian governments “push their countries towards dictatorship”

According to the Taliban Rohaks, the governments of Poland and Hungary are “pushing their countries towards dictatorship.” – They are rewriting the rules of the democratic game. They are politicizing the judiciary, undermining media freedom and amassing their assets in the hands of those involved in politics, he calculated.

“In 2022 and 2023, Hungary and Poland will hold elections,” he pointed out. – Then these trends will be reversed or accelerated – said Rohawks.

“Poland and Hungary, unfortunately, do not light the torch of freedom and democracy.”

Heather Conley stressed that “Congress can and should hold such meetings, look at what Poland and Hungary are doing.” – Poland and Hungary unfortunately do not carry the torch of freedom and democracy in their region – he said.

He lamented that in recent years the “responses of Washington and Brussels” were “ineffective” and that the crisis in Hungary and Poland was deepening. – Unfortunately, the Hungarian example was copied in other countries. Including Poland – he added.

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