October 21, 2021

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United States.  Major airlines are extending the ban on the sale of alcohol on flights.  "Passenger Occupancy"

United States. Major airlines are extending the ban on the sale of alcohol on flights. “Passenger Occupancy”

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Due to the improved situation Widespread contagious disease And easing restrictions, U.S. carriers want sales to rebound Alcohol On board Plane (United Airlines will do this on June 1). However, two major airlines are extending the ban.

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American Airlines and Southwest do not serve alcohol to passengers

American Airlines and Southwest decided to stop serving alcohol on board flights until Sept. 13 last week in response to a passenger attack on a flight attendant who told them to wear a face mask. The incident took place on May 23 on a Southwest Airlines passenger plane – reports “The New York Times

“We understand that this decision may be disappointing to some customers, but we believe it’s for the benefit of the safety and comfort of everyone on board,” a statement from Southwest Airlines said in a statement.

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The Federal Aviation Agency has a policy of intolerance to passengers

According to data from the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), January 2021 U.S. Flights In the territory of the United States, there were 2.5 thousand people. Cases of aggressive behavior of passengers, of which 1.9 th. These incidents involved the duty to cover the mouth and nose with a mask.

The Federal Aviation Agency has adopted a zero tolerance policy against aggressive passengers who could face severe fines or imprisonment. Financial fines can reach up to 35,000. Dollars Passenger behavior in situations that force the pilots of the aircraft to land.

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