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United States. March in support of those who attacked the Capitol. There are threats and US intelligence has warned of the dangers

United States.  March in support of those who attacked the Capitol.  There are threats and US intelligence has warned of the dangers

U.S. intelligence has issued a warning about the dangers of a planned support rally on Saturday for those who attacked Capitol in January this year. This includes threats of attacks on politicians, churches and institutions. Capitol appealed for services for police support and called on congressmen to stay away from parliament buildings on Saturday. The Washington National Guard is expected to patrol Congress headquarters.

U.S. intelligence warns of “threats of attack on Capitol” ahead of Saturday’s far-right pro-people rally On January 6, they attacked Capitol. Other threats are related to attacks on politicians.

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There were also plans to attack the kidnapping of one of the Congressmen in liberal churches, Jewish institutions and on social media. The intelligence report did not reveal his name.

Members of far-right groups such as the Armed People, the Proud Boys and the Truth Guard can take part in the demonstration.

One hundred guards around the Capitol

The Capitol Police (USCP) announced on Friday that there were threats related to the march. She did not provide details, but asked for support from other security services. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin has approved a decision by the Washington National Guard to deploy 100 people around the Capitol building.

Counter-marches may be organized in Washington, D.C., and clashes may take place between participants in various demonstrations.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Saturday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

Capitol re-fencesPAP / EPA / SHAWN THEW

“Alternative History” of Capital Storm

CNN said on Thursday that the march on Saturday was expected to attract less people than the attack on Congress on January 6, in which participants may have been armed.

The demonstration in Washington was organized by Matt Brainard, a former member of Donald Trump’s election staff. The march was called “Justice for J6” (January 6). The Associated Press reports that Brainard, who joined Trump’s Look Ahead in the United States after the 2020 election, sought to present an “alternative story” to the attack on Capitol and called the arrested participants “political prisoners.”

Brainard is spreading misinformation about last year’s presidential election results and raising funds for Trump’s campaign. Participating in this endeavor allowed him to earn at least $ 230,000 – AP writes.

Trump did not officially endorse Saturday’s march, but released a message saying those involved in the attack on Congress in January were “persecuted very unjustly.”

New fence in the CapitolPAP / EPA / Michael Reynolds


After the attack on Capitol, most Americans – 90 percent. – It is estimated that participants in these events will be held accountable. At the end of August, a special delegation to investigate the January 6 attack began its investigation.

Key Photo Source: PAP / EPA / Michael Reynolds

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