July 28, 2021

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United States.  Masi Alinejat, Iranian intelligence targets

United States. Masi Alinejat, Iranian intelligence targets

A court in New York has charged four Iranian intelligence officials with plotting to kidnap an Iranian opposition activist and a US-based journalist. The conspiracy was allegedly part of a broader plan to deport critics of Iranian officials from Canada and Great Britain.

Andhra Pradesh says Iran plans to abduct three Canadians and one in Great Britain. Although the case documents do not reveal the identities of the victims, Reuters identifies one of them as the New York-based Masih Alinajat, a journalist and leading Iranian opposition activist. She told Andrei that she was the target.

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It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. He had planned to abduct Masih Alineja, an anti-Iranian journalist and activist living in New York, at least since July 2020, along with three other Iranian intelligence personnel who had disappeared from US services. According to U.S. investigators, the Iranians hired private detectives to monitor, photograph and hire Alinojat and his family. Detectives are said to have fled Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to avoid paying off debt. It was to be transported by a motor boat from New York to the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Alinojat 2019 to U.S. From being a citizen he works for Persian language television channels that criticize the policies of the Iranian government.

Still Alinejat Toby Melville / Reuters / Forum

Earlier this year, according to Reuters, the FBI warned Alinez that he could be abducted by Iranian intelligence and provided him with several safe havens. – I know that Iran has a habit of kidnapping, arresting, torturing and killing people in the Islamic Republic, but I can not believe that this can happen to me in the United States – Masi Alinejad told Andrei. The journalist is known for coordinating a campaign that includes posting photos of Iranians without a hijab on their heads if they are fined or arrested in Iran.

If four Iranians convicted by the Americans are captured and sentenced, they face life imprisonment. Iran’s mission to the United Nations – Iran has no embassy in Washington and the United States has no one in Tehran – has not yet commented on the matter.

Iranians have been arrested by the FBI.FBI

The abduction of opposition Iranian journalists and dissidents abroad has taken place before. For example, the PA cites the abduction of an anti-Iranian member of the government in California who was abducted in 2020 – according to his family – while in Dubai.

Key Photo Source: Toby Melville / Reuters / Forum

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