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United States. Nuclear deal with Iran. Washington: There are still a few weeks to go before the deal is finalized

United States.  Nuclear deal with Iran.  Washington: There are still a few weeks to go before the deal is finalized

Talks in Vienna between world powers and IranRelaunched at the end of November after a five-month hiatus, Have been suspended again. However, Malley hopes the talks will resume “relatively soon”.

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I will not give a date – He said his part at Tuesday’s conference US Secretary of State Anthony BlingenWhile emphasizing that the gap in understanding with Iran is becoming “very, very, very narrow.”

– At some point, in the not-too-distant future, we will They had to come to the conclusion that the JCPOA agreement had expired and we had to negotiate a completely different agreement.First goes the period of crisis and escalation, he warned Rob Coriander.

When asked by CNN when that moment would come, he said: “If they stop nuclear progress, we have some more time. If they continue at the current pace, there are only a few more weeks. Then we come to the conclusion that the contract can no longer be renewed.

Anthony Blink He assured the US government that if negotiations failed, the US government would “seriously” consider “alternatives” and other “options”.

The seventh round of world powers’ Vienna talks with Iran on the possibility of a return to the 2015 nuclear deal was interrupted in early December. Representatives of the European countries that signed the agreement were due to visit their respective countries to consider the Iranian proposals, which were said in the context of the talks to be unacceptable to Western negotiators.

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Delegates attend Vienna talks Representatives from Iran and Germany, Great Britain, France, China, Russia and the European Union and indirectly from the United States.

The 2015 nuclear deal, known as the JCPOA, between Tehran and the world powers, stipulated that Iran should not enrich more than 3.67% of uranium, instead lifting international sanctions imposed on the country.

The agreement was aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program and preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons. Iran says its nuclear program will not serve a military purpose.

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