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United States of America. 2022 midterm elections, or midterm elections. Why are they so important?

United States of America.  2022 midterm elections, or midterm elections.  Why are they so important?

On Tuesday, Americans elect their representatives in the House of Representatives and some members of the Senate. Although the election belongs to Congress, its name directly refers to the term of office of the president. Why are they so important?

mid term. What does the name mean?

Midterm elections in Polish Midterms are sometimes called midterms or midterms. However, the easiest way – this is a midterm election – is approaching the middle of the term of office of the current president of the United States.

Midterm elections in the United States. When are they detained?

In the United States, election day is defined by law as “the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.” Practically speaking, it is a Tuesday that falls between the 2nd and 8th of November.

mid term. Who do the Americans choose?

Contrary to the reference to the mid-term of the president, he is not on the ballot papers. The midterm elections choose all 435 representatives, usually 33 or 34 of the 100 senators, or one-third of the US Senate.

In the United States, the full composition of the House of Representatives is elected every two years – for two years – in every even year. Meanwhile, the term of senators is 6 years, and one-third of the senators are elected every two years (also every even year), since one-third of the senators expire. This year, up to 35 Senators will be elected, due to the fact that two of them have announced their resignations during the current term – Kamala Harriscurrent vice president, and Jim Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma.

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Tuesday’s governors, attorney generals, secretaries of state and treasury, lawmakers, mayors and council members will also be elected. There will also be many local referendums.

Midterm elections. Why are they so important?

They are important because they elect all members of the House of Representatives and part of the Senate. It is to some extent an assessment of the activities of the president and his government. It gives voters the opportunity to show if they think things are going in the right direction in the country. It is these elections that largely determine what the activities of the President of the United States will look like in the next two years – until the next presidential election. If his political allies have a majority – on the one hand, this is a sign that the president’s choice is highly respected, and on the other hand, he will have no problem approving the solutions he proposes by the US Congress. The situation is different when the president’s political opponents have the upper hand, often forcing him to review at least some of his intentions.

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If mid term In the first presidential term (as now), it may have an effect on the election of the second presidential term. If it is a second term, it will likely affect their successors.


In the case of the second term, there is sometimes talk of a regularity that might be called the “sixth year crisis” or – like Americans – the “itch” (ed.). This is an indication of the common belief that relationships are in crisis after seven years. In the case of American presidents, the crisis is expected to come after six years. Wikipedia For her American part he points out that during the second midterm elections, for most presidents, they Parties were losing their seats in Congress. One exception is Bill Clinton, who won five seats in the House of Representatives in his second term, and remained in the Senate as the Democrats’ estate.

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Mid-term elections 2022. Why is it particularly important this year?

The current midterm elections This is the first serious summary of the president’s activities so far Joe Biden. What may be especially important for our part of the world is the future attitude of Congress toward aid Ukraine. During the election campaign, voices were voiced that – in the event of victory – the Republicans would apply tighter control over aid spending to Ukraine. Republican Congressional Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said he did not want to “write her blank checks”. However, there is no consensus within the party itself. Some Republican Party leaders think so United State They should continue to help the Ukrainians.

As the BBC’s US correspondent Anthony Zurcher has pointed out, the midterm elections coincide with a period of weak support for the current president’s policy. Concerns about the situation played a particularly big role at the end of the campaign US economyAnd high inflation, and with it high interest rates. Another issue is the parliamentary investigations into dissident settlements. As Democrats focus on the attack on the Capitol after Joe Biden’s election on January 6, 2021, Republicans are likely to look, for example, at Joe Biden’s son’s business ties.

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Among the particularly significant results of Tuesday’s election, Zürcher also mentioned its potential impact on the daily lives of Americans. He gives abortion laws as an example. Both parties have already announced their own bills on the matter. Democrats want to support a woman’s right to abortion, while Republicans plan to ban it after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

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