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United States of America. A supermarket shootout after an argument over a mask. “The man pulled out a gun and shot the cashier.” | world News

United States of America.  A supermarket shootout after an argument over a mask.  “The man pulled out a gun and shot the cashier.” |  world News

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation stated that he “go straight to the cashier, pulled out a pistol and shot her.” The shooting took place at the Big Bear supermarket in Decatur.United States of America).

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United States of America. A supermarket employee was shot after an argument over a mask

As mentioned, the shooting took place in Decatur, a small town in Georgia, at 10 How many from Atlanta The 30-year-old American went shopping in a supermarket, where the cashier told him that he had no masks. The man came out Shop Without shopping, but after a while he came back – with a pistol.

– There was a certain confrontation, a quarrel […] Regarding the wearing of masks, the man later pulled out a pistol and shot the cashier, Melody Maddox, the DeKalb County sheriff, said at a news conference. She added it in So far Details of the dispute are unknown. Police men He identified the perpetrator as Victor Lee Tucker Jr., 30, from Palmetto, Georgia.

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United States of America. Three people were injured in a shootout in Georgia

When the 30-year-old opened fire, the deputy mayor’s security guard shot the attacker. Both men were injured. The bodyguard was shot twice – a flak jacket protected him from more serious injuries. The second cashier was also shot. officers the police They arrested Tucker when the wounded man tried to crawl out of the supermarket.

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Melody Maddox confirmed that the security guard’s actions prevented the shooting of other people in the supermarket building.

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