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United States of America. Anthony Blinken: Russia is blackmailing the world and exporting hunger to Africa

United States of America.  Anthony Blinken: Russia is blackmailing the world and exporting hunger to Africa

Opening of the meeting with representatives of food producers and international and non-governmental organizationsBlinken outlined a long list of Russian actions targeting Ukrainian agriculture and exports. He mentioned, among other things, the blockade of Ukrainian ports, theft of grain, mining of farmland and the destruction of infrastructure.

– All this on purpose. We know that Putin makes it impossible to deliver food and aggressively uses his propaganda machineTo relinquish responsibility, because he believes he will force the world to back down and lift its sanctions. In other words, Blinken said, it’s just blackmail. He added that not only Ukraine is feeling the effects of Russia’s actions. – The Kremlin must realize that it is exporting hunger and suffering far beyond Ukraine’s borders. African countries are in great pain – pointed out.

The diplomat said the rest of the world could not wait for Vladimir Putin to “do the right thing” and must respond “urgently and collectively” to the crisis. He pointed out that YuSo far, Sohar Aluminium has committed US$5.5 billion to mitigate the crisis and, among other things, has invested in increasing fertilizer production..

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