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United States of America. Gabi Pettito dies – parents sue police and fight for big damages: $50 million

United States of America.  Gabi Pettito dies - parents sue police and fight for big damages: $50 million

The parents of the murdered girl, Gabe Pettito, 22, have filed a lawsuit against police in the city of Moab. They are claiming $50 million in damages. They accuse the officers of negligence in interfering and speaking between them and Gabe and her fiancé, Brian Laundry – two weeks before Pettito’s murder.

Gabi Pettito was a blogger who disappeared while traveling in the USA With his partner Brian Laundry. The two traveled west from Florida in a pickup truck in July 2021 to visit the national parks in this part of the United States. Pettito regularly posted photos from the trip on social media, the last time on August 25. On August 12, the police intervened against the couple – According to the father of the 22-year-old – Wrong. Officers from Moab, Utah, detained the couple for search after being notified by a witness who claimed to have seen a “man beating a girl.”

Gabi Pettito’s mother: They could have saved her that day

Due to the interference of officers and her path, Gabi Pettito’s parents decided to file a lawsuit against the police. The $50 million lawsuit accused the Moab administration and police officers of failing to comply with the law and failing to assist Gabe with allegations of violence against her in August — just weeks before she was murdered by Brian Laundry.

James W. said.

“They could have saved her that day,” said Gabi Pettito’s mother, Nicole Schmidt, referring to the policemen’s actions. “There are laws to protect victims, and these laws have not been respected,” she added.

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According to Gabe’s dad The police incorrectly assessed the interventionand that Pettito was the primary abuser and abused domestic violence measures. Another claim is that the local policemen were not sufficiently trained in this regard.

Gabi Pettito FBI Denver / Zuma Press / Forum

Police intervene in Londry and Pettito

On August 12, 2021, the emergency number received a tip-off from someone who met the couple in Utah. “We passed and a guy was hitting a girl,” CNN quoted the person who called the service as saying. – Then we stopped. They were running on the sidewalk. He hit her, they jumped in the car and drove away – the witness was supposed to attend.

Soon, a police patrol apprehended Pettito and Londry near the city of Moab. One officer described in the report that when he saw the truck the couple were in, the 22-year-old was sitting in the passenger seat and “cry uncontrollably.”

The moment of the arrest was recorded by the policeman’s personal cameraWho did the tests? In the video, you can hear the officer telling the shaky woman to get off the truck and sit in the police car, hoping she’ll calm down.

Pettito admitted that there was a conflict between her and her fiancé that morning. – I have obsessive-compulsive disorder [zaburzenia obsesyjno-kompulsyjne – przyp. red.] And sometimes I get really shaken – I explained to the cops. She also added, Laundry had previously prevented her from entering the car.

Gabi Pettito during police intervention. Still from the recording from the police cameraMoab Bed

“She didn’t stop crying. She was breathing hard.”

Although both showed signs of physical conflict, “he and she made it clear that they were in love and engaged, and they desperately didn’t want either of them to be charged with a crime,” police officer Eric Pratt said in a report. “Not even for a moment during our conversation, Gabriel [Gabby Pettito – red.] She didn’t stop crying. She was breathing hard, unable to utter a full sentence without wiping her tears, wiping her nose or rubbing her knees with her hands,” police officer Daniel Scott Robbins wrote in his report, which suggested that the couple separate for one night and have their feelings under control and both agreed to the offer.

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The Moab arrest documents also include the account of National Park ranger Melissa Hales, who spent about 1.5 hours with Pettito. She had to warn the 22-year-old that her relationship was “toxic”. “I begged her to reevaluate her relationship. I asked her if she was happy with him. In fact, I told her she had the opportunity to take a different path, to make a difference in her life,” Hales explained.

During the trip, Pettito regularly communicated with her mother. On August 24, the blogger said the next point of her trip is the Teton mountain range in Wyoming, Pettito’s attorney Richard Stafford reported.

Restaurant incident “strange” message to the mother

On August 27, 2021, a Louisiana couple witnessed an incident that was supposed to take place at The Merry Piglets in Jackson, near Grand Teton National Park. I watched Nina Angelou and her boyfriend, Gabe Pettito, cry. Her fiancé was clearly angry, so he went out and entered the restaurant several times, and was aggressive towards the staff. CNN interlocutors said they did not witness any violence between Pettito and her partner.

The restaurant manager told CNN that she witnessed the incident and that she reported the incident to the FBI. The woman did not want to give her name to the station or her version of events. It also claimed that the building had no monitoring records of this incident. CNN asked the FBI if investigators had received a report on Petito and Laundri’s visit to The Merry Piglets. An FBI spokesperson responded: “To protect privacy, we do not comment on communications that the FBI has or does not have with anyone.”

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Gabi Pettito dies

Authorities reported on September 19, 2021, about a week after Pettito’s disappearance was reported Find the body Near Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area in Grand Teton National Park.

The coroner confirmed that they are The corpse of Gabi Pettito. An investigation revealed that her fiancé, Brian Laundry, committed the murder. Then the man confessed to this act in a farewell letter You are free.

Main image source: Moab Bed

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