September 22, 2021

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United States of America. Joe Biden allowed the military to take revenge on ISIS in Afghanistan

US military commanders preparing for reprisals against the Islamic State group in China also warned that the task of evacuating people in Kabul had entered the most dangerous phase.

The White House later reported that commanders assured the president that they had sufficient resources to conduct military operations.

The number of victims of attacks is increasing

And on Thursday evening, after the bombings near Kabul airport, President Biden announced in response to the attack that the Islamic State in China claimed to have organized. However, he did not change his opinion about the exit of troops from Afghanistan.

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A suicide bombing in Kabul killed 13 US soldiers and wounded 18 others. Information on the total number of victims remains contradictory, with different sources giving different budgets ranging from 92 to 170 dead; The number of wounded has not yet been determined.

one bomber

At first, it was suspected that the attack was carried out by two bombers, but during Friday’s Pentagon press conference, General William Taylor of the Ground Forces said it was a single suicide bomber.

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Defense spokesman John Kirby stressed that the US forces have the combat capabilities to defend themselves and carry out the necessary operations in Afghanistan against the Islamic State, but their priority is the evacuation and its security, including the safety of American soldiers.

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The Taliban want American diplomats to stay

According to the person involved in the discussion cited by the Washington Post, the United States could leave the Kabul embassy open, which in theory would allow American and Afghan citizens to continue to leave the country.

“Any decision must balance the threat to the safety of American personnel – especially after Thursday’s suicide bombing – and the desire to maintain influence at home, particularly to help Afghan allies and others flee the country after troops leave,” the newspaper wrote. .

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The newspaper also reported that the United States is discussing the future management of Kabul Airport. Aside from the Americans and the Taliban, the participants included private companies and the governments of countries in the region, including Turkey.

President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the United States will try to help American citizens and America’s Afghan allies leave the country after American forces leave the country. Meanwhile, the Pentagon said Friday, that US forces will not play a “significant role” in these efforts.

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