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United States of America. Martin Shkreli should pay $64 million to inflate drug prices

United States of America.  Martin Shkreli should pay $64 million to inflate drug prices

The court’s decision came as a result of a lawsuit filed against the 37-year-old businessman Federal Trade Commission And the authorities of the seven states accused Shkreli Violation of antitrust lawsH- Shkreli was famous for monopolizing the pharmaceutical market for serious diseases Exaggerated, sometimes several dozen times.

The court agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered the businessman to pay compensation to the plaintiffs In the amount of 64.6 million And Banned from work for life Any capacity in the pharmaceutical industry.

From day one, Shkreli focused his new project on Obtaining medicines from only one sourcewhich was the gold standard for treating life-threatening diseases with a small number of patients, in order to drive up prices, Preventing competition from generic drugs I Unexpected profit Judge Dennis Cote said in a statement the reasons for the decision.

The most famous case of Shkreli’s practice occurred in 2015, after the acquisition Turing Pharmaceutical Company Monopoly of anti-parasitic drug Daraprim increased its price from $13.5 to $750. about birth control pills. The case was highly controversial and outrageous, with some media describing Shkreli as “the most hated man in America”.

businessman In prison since 2018 Accused of defrauding investors, he was sentenced to seven years imprisonment.

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