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United States of America. The death penalty. Richard Glosep’s execution has been postponed for the fourth time

United States of America.  The death penalty.  Richard Glosep's execution has been postponed for the fourth time

The execution of 59-year-old Richard Glosiba, who is in the Oklahoma State Prison, has been postponed this time for 60 days. The execution of a man convicted of the 1997 murder has been postponed for the fourth time. In the previous three cases, it was at the last minute, when Glossip had already past his traditional last meal.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin State signed a document on Tuesday postponing the scheduled September 22 execution of Richard Glosep for 60 days. The new scheduled date for the execution of the man convicted of the 1997 murder is December 22 this year. “The postponement was granted to give the Oklahoma Court of Appeals sufficient time to deal with the proceedings,” the politician signed the document.

Sentenced to death, he ate his last meal three times

“We are deeply grateful to Governor State for his wise and emotional decision to grant a 60-day reprieve for Richard’s execution well in advance of his scheduled August 23 pardon,” Gloseppa’s attorney, Don Knight, wrote in a statement.

Richard GlosipOklahoma Department of Corrections/Associated Press/East News

The lawyer confirmed that thanks to the governor’s decision, the convict will avoid the “cruel procedures” he went through three times before the execution. Each time the execution was postponed at the last minute, Glossip was even after the last meal of the convicts. He always chose the same combination: fish and chips, pizza, pizza, and strawberry smoothie.

The last attempt to carry out Glossipa’s sentence took place in September 2015. A few hours before the execution, it turned out that the wrong poison had been delivered to prison.

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Controversial witness in a murder case

Glossip was sentenced to death for the 1997 murder of hotel owner Barry Van Tresse. Glossip worked there as a manager. Van Tries was killed as a result of hits with a baseball bat. The hotel’s restorer, Justin Snead, admitted to killing the man, but told detectives that he committed the crime on Glossip’s behalf. Syed’s testimony was the main evidence against the 59-year-old.

The issue has been controversial for many years. Defense attorney Glossipa maintains that Sneed is not a reliable witness because he avoided the death penalty by indicting his client. Supported by a committee of dozens of state representatives and senators. They demand that Snead be questioned again, noting that there is evidence that Van Triess’ killer wanted to retract his statement. “Oklahoma residents – opponents and supporters of the death penalty – will not tolerate an execution without giving him a chance to call a witness and confront the lies of Justin Snead, who stole 25 years of life from Glossip.” – Kevin McDougall, one of the panelists, quoted Newsweek.

The convicted man himself asserts that he is innocent.

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Main image source: Oklahoma Department of Corrections/Associated Press/East News

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