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United States of America. The Pentagon: China will not try to control Taiwan by force

United States of America.  The Pentagon: China will not try to control Taiwan by force

US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cal He assessed that despite the new tensions, the Pentagon had not changed its mind about the possibility of a Chinese attempt to seize Taiwan by force and would not decide to take such a step in the next two years.

Asked during a press conference whether the Defense Ministry had changed its assessment in the face of unprecedented Chinese exercises around Taiwan, Cale answered in the negative.

He added that Beijing’s goal now was to “create a new status quo using salami tactics” and force Taiwan and the international community. To recognize Chinese control of the waters around the island and in the Taiwan Strait.

It is important to us that Beijing understands that our forces in the region will continue to operate, fly and sail wherever international waters permit. This also applies to the Taiwan Strait. Cal said I think you should expect us to continue freedom of navigation operations across the Taiwan Strait and elsewhere in the region, as we’ve done in the past.

The politician added that although there is no complete data yet, preliminary information indicates that Chinese military exercises, including missile launches over and around Taiwan, It did not fundamentally disrupt trade and the economic situation.

We did not see a dramatic reaction from the markets. I think the main reason is that while Beijing has tried to create a crisis, We did not take the baitIn the opinion of the international community, Kahl added, this does not appear to be a moment of escalation. The Undersecretary meanwhile emphasized that Taiwan is one of the most important economic places on earth including. Due to the fact that More than 70 percent of the world’s semiconductors are.

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in july CIA Director Bill Burns He stated that the design “should not be underestimated.” Chinese President Xi Jinpingto subjugate Taiwan. He added that the risk of China using force to do so will increase with the years in this decade.

Visit recently ended Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the US House of Representatives in Taiwan. Pelosi was the most senior US official to visit the island in 25 years. This led to tensions between China and the United States

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