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United States of America. The State Department fears an imminent military invasion of Ukraine

The State Department has ordered the families of US diplomats to leave the US Embassy in Kiev. He justified this with “the fear of an imminent military invasion of Ukraine.” Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov announced that “more than 80 tons of weapons were transferred to Kiev to strengthen the country’s defense capabilities of our friends from the United States.”

On the night of January 22, the first part of military aid from the United States arrived in Kiev as part of additional security assistance to Ukraine, amounting to $200 million.

This cargo includes “nearly £200,000 in military aid, including ammunition for Ukraine’s front-line defenders,” the US embassy in Kiev said Friday night.

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“The second bird in Kiev! More than 80 tons of weapons to strengthen the defense capabilities of Ukraine from our friends in the United States! And this is not the end” – wrote on Twitter the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov, showing a photo of a cargo plane loaded with goods.

He was ordered to leave the US embassy in Kiev

The State Department, in a statement issued Sunday evening regarding the order to leave the US embassy in Kiev by the families of US diplomats, confirmed the growing concerns in Washington about an imminent military invasion of Ukraine by Moscow. Russia gathers thousands of Russian soldiers along the country’s borders.

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The Foreign Ministry said: “There are reports that Russia is planning major military action against Ukraine. (…) Security conditions, especially along the Ukrainian border in Russia-occupied Crimea and Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine, are unpredictable and may It will get worse soon.” .

“US citizens should consider leaving now.”

Announce a reduction in the number of embassy staff, starting with less important workers and their family members.

“US citizens in Ukraine should consider leaving now, using commercial transportation options or other transportation options available to the private sector,” the State Department added.

CNN said on Friday that the embassy had asked the State Department to take such a step. As reported by the American TV station, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine estimated the number of Russian soldiers deployed in the region at more than 127,000.

Russia is capable of launching an invasion at any moment.

– US officials still do not know what the plans of Russian President Vladimir Putin and whether he decided to invade in the first place. But some people familiar with the intelligence news say there is evidence that Russia is planning to try to take over Kiev and overthrow the government, CBS noted.

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As White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted last week, Russia is capable of launching an invasion “at any moment.”

The British Foreign Office said in a statement on Saturday that the Russian government plans to “install a pro-Russian leader in Kiev, and consider whether to invade and occupy Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, according to the New York Times, US President Joe Biden is considering sending an additional 1-5 thousand people to the countries of the eastern flank of NATO. Soldiers in response to the stationing of Russian forces in Belarus. In the event of an escalation, their number could quickly rise to 50,000. We write more about it here.


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