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United States. Registered at the Nevada and California border. Nearly 5 meters of snow fell in the Tahoe Lake area

As of Monday, a total of 492 cm of snow had been reported this month near UC Berkeley Central Sierra Snow Lab. The previous record was 456.4 cm from 1970.

There has been about 99 cm of snowfall in the last 24 hours alone. According to forecasts, the total rainfall in December may be above 508 cm.

According to an American newspaper, the laboratory was built in 1946 by the Water Resources Bureau (USWB) and the Army Corps of Engineers. It is one of the longest running manual ice deep records in the world since 1879.

“This is a very favorable snowstorm for the Sierra region,” said Dan McWay, a climate expert at the Western Regional Climate Center.

According to McEvoy, the December rains created a snow cover. The former were wet, the snow was high, but then the temperature and snow level dropped.

“It’s good for both water and avalanches,” McEvoy explained. He added that this will help maintain good snow conditions at ski resorts despite the drought in the region.

“This is an impressive December,” McEvoy said, but warned of a possible recurrence of the drought.

– If there’s one thing I notice, it’s drought relief. The meteorologist explained that storms should occur in winter.

In mid-October, the Los Angeles Times reported that the water level of Lake Tahoe was so low that the only truck running through it would not feed the river, threatening the migration and tourism of salmon.

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