July 28, 2021

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United States.  The Boy Scouts of America will pay $ 850 million for sexually abusing scouts

United States. The Boy Scouts of America will pay $ 850 million for sexually abusing scouts

U.S. lawyers insist it will be the largest sexual abuse solution in U.S. history. Due to the number of cases, this case is comparable to a high-profile case involving the Catholic Church in the United States. Last year, Bows Scouts in the United States apologized to victims and filed for bankruptcy over thousands of funding requests from victims of sexual harassment.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Times published about 5,000 documents. Cases including allegations against the team and commanders in the Boys Scout of America. Most of them have never complained to the police. The 111-year-old organization stressed in a statement about the recent ruling that it was “only part of a sustained effort to reach a global solution that will reward the victims and protect the future of the company.”

The solution has yet to be approved by the court. U.S. journalists expect it to meet with opposition from insurers who are forced to pay millions of dollars. In the next settlement, on Friday, July 2, local Scout Councils are expected to donate a further $ 600 million to the Sexual Abuse Fund.

PSA will pay in millions. “Rotten Compromise”

Lawyers representing the victims disagreed in this case. Tim Gosnoff of the NPR called the settlement a “rotten, crude compromise.” “I don’t know what else to say this is a failure,” he said. He stressed that some of those who have been sexually harassed for years will only receive compensation of several thousand dollars. – It is a disgrace to the people who had the courage to file lawsuits and participate in this process – he stressed.

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