July 28, 2021

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United States. The crocodile hit the cyclist. Such situations are rare

In Florida, a crocodile struck and seriously injured a man who fell into the water while riding a bike in Halpathyogi Park, local police said Tuesday.

The circumstances of the incident are not yet fully known. However, it is known that the man lost control of his bicycle and fell into a small body while crossing a wooden bridge at Halpathyogi Park in Stuart City. Unfortunately, he landed on a crocodile. The woman, 2.5 meters tall, grabbed the man and seriously injured him.

The man, despite his serious injuries, freed the powerful reptile from its jaws and came ashore with the help of spectators. The cyclist was airlifted to hospital by helicopter. Trapper John Davidson found and captured the crocodile shortly after the incident.

Attacks are rare

Although crocodiles rarely attack humans in Florida, experts insist that one be careful, because at this time of year, due to the breeding cycle, these reptiles, especially females, are very aggressive.


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